Regional League Northeast: Addressing Heterogeneity in Amateur vs Professional Teams | SV Lichtenberg 47 v VSG Altglienicke

In the past, it was not always the case that the battles of both rivals SV Schoenberg 47, which was based in the eastern of Berlin and VSG Altglienicke, the Lichtenberger were shed. SV 47 won two times in the fourth division against the emerging VSG. Most recently, the club based in the Sector Hans Locke had no possibility versus the best group in the organization. The Altglienickers just recently swept the rival in the Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn sports park with 3: 0. The distinction was fantastic: the footballers of VSG train Karsten Heine (67) playing under specialist problems fulfilled the pure beginners from 47 coach Rudy RAAF (40). After three years in the lower midfield of the league-Dabei, the accident to the top division of the Northeast German Football Organization (NOV) without relegation threat hazards. Now RAAF, that was obliged on February 20, is supposed to avoid relegation. The Berliner faces the mammoth task, the after-work group, according to 47 supervisor Benjamin Plot (36). The fact is that the Lichtenberger along with the FSV Buchenwald and also Cherie Leipzig put the last 3 teams in the local league northeast, which can be called pure beginners. They are groups whose gamers seek work, remain in training or study. In chemistry, where this triad is most intensely servicing additional professionalization, the players train every day, yet just in the evening after work. In Buchenwald it is practiced 4 times a week, solely at night. It coincides in Berlin-Lichtenberg, where the fitness instructor has his gamers readily available 4 times a week from 6 p.m.

The well established ones such as Jena, the BFC Dynamo or OK Leipzig as soon as played in the European Cup. The pressure is likewise really huge by the followers as well as the entire setting.

Lutz Lineman, ex-GDR nationwide gamer and also MDR professional With the other teams in the table cellar, the conditions are somewhat less costly. Tennis Russia Berlin can train daily, most recently also two times a day. And also at Germania Halberstadt it is trained each day, which can be done carefully with semi-professional conditions. Most of the clubs in the Regionally Nor dost plays under professional problems, the framework of the league does not give the so-called youngsters great viewpoints for the future. After 5 teams had to descend in the previous season as well as the organization was reduced from 20 to 18 groups, clubs with which Schoenberg and Halberstadt dipped into eye level have actually disappeared. Tasmania Berlin, CFB Auerbach, Optic Rather, FC Eisenberg and Union Fürstenwalde all had to go to the leading division. Hermann Winkler (59), the President of the NOV, states: The diversification of this league is trouble but not to change. Especially English weeks with games on Wednesday or Friday bring large troubles for the amateurs. Winkler also includes: But some little clubs likewise like the contrasts with the widely known clubs because they bring spectators. The NOV head of state suspects that in the coming period, when the northeast relay is allowed to place the direct promoted in the third department, more clubs will certainly take much more risk and spend. One or the other could take control of and fall by the course with financial obligations, is afraid Winkler. At the same time, nevertheless, the president wants to establish the northeast relay as attractive and also solid league in German football. Lutz Lineman (73), ex-GDR nationwide player and also today's specialist at Mitteldeutscher Rundown, says: The established ones such as Jena, the BFC Eager Beaver or OK Leipzig once played in the European Mug. The pressure is also very Excellent to finally get it back into professional football. It does not deal with training after work. Exceptional: Also the advertised red-white Erfurt and Graphical FC work under expert problems.

regional league transfer with problems

Ingo Gaulish (66), that has been training Optic Rather for 33 years currently, recognizes how maybe. After 4 years in series in the Regionally Nor dost, the Branden burgers relegated in the previous period. After that, Optic needed to handle 17 separations as well as played versus relegation again in the Oberlin NOFV-Nord. Soon before the beginning of the season in the Oberlin, I had 8 individuals and a goalkeeper. A descent tosses you much back, stated Gaulish. He additionally claims: The Regionally Nor dost is a definitely horny organization. Financially, clubs like Rather have no service there. In Lichtenberg, you deal with not to have to go the path from Rather. Manager Plot: We intend to obtain what we have built up in the previous few years. The possibility is still there.


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