Report: WB Montreal Working on a Batman Arkham Game with Multiple Characters

We know WB Montreal has been working on something in current months. And regardless of some allusions pointing to the courtyard of the owls, we still heard nothing official.


An interesting source notes that the next match of the will to be a battle male game, but not quite the one that fans are waiting for.

According to New_wasabi, who revealed reports that wound up being confirmed, the next match is called Batman: Arkham's heritage. And the black knight will not attack his opponents alone, because the Twitter launcher shows that numerous characters will be playable, within his family. It includes Robin, Bat woman and possibly more. Now that would align with the WB Montreal images teased last month, pointing to that court job. He said absolutely nothing formally. For the moment, Arkham Tradition must be taken with a grain of salt. That said, the 2019 Game Awards Video Awards will happen in December. And remember this proving, years earlier, was the first location that we saw an overview of Batman: Arkham City before its prompt exit. A courtyard of the owls would make sense, given the media threshing that surrounds this particular event. For the moment, however, Batman fans will have to wait and see what is going on. In the meantime, do not noun that you can play Batman: the origins of previous arkhamversion of WB Montreal on Xbox One and PC. It will certainly kill time while waiting for December to ride.


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