Intel Still in Front, But AMD Keeps Pushing the Accelerator - Sands for Intel Analysis

AMD continues to speed up. Intel is still in front of group red when it concerns market shares in the X86 processor sector, but gradually AMD appears to be able to tear himself under ball game. For Intel, the new numbers are most likely to be a bad prophecy.

X86 processors: AMD increases its market share

AMD's processor Intel can reach the water in nearly all matters, Intel has actually been controlling the X86 processors market for numerous years.


Compared to in 2015, nevertheless, the semiconductor king has to put a bitter problem away. As Reuters reports, AMD handled to protect a bigger piece of the process cake in 2022. AMD was able to protect an impressive 31.3 percent market share during this duration, but Intel is still in the lead for miles at 68.7 percent. No reason for Intel to happiness. Because in 2021 the market share was still 71.5 percent, AMD kept the other 28.5 percent. There is no explanatory method for this amazing degree of redistribution on the part of Reuters.

For which of the 2 chip manufacturers does your hardware heart beat?

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chip sales decreased in overall

Although AMD must enjoy that they might increase their market share, there is no major reason for both parties. Because, according to Mercury Research study, both Intel and AMD have to manage the best decline in the PC chip market because the 1980s (source: Reuters). After personal individuals and many companies have stockpiled with new hardware throughout the Corona pandemic, the strong inflation of the past year seems to have led to potential customers postpone their purchases and better save their money. Intel recently announced that they will retire a variety of processors: Reading tip Intel ends: dozens of processors are in front of that Robert Cowlick When the industry can anticipate an increase again is currently unpredictable. After all, the expenses for electrical energy and gas in this nation are falling once again. So it is rather possible that hardware fans will quickly be a little on the road.


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