How To Protect Your Car From Precious Metal Thieves: What You Need To Know

Older and old automobiles, one need to believe, are more likely to be prevented by crooks.


A unique part is of such fantastic interest for the thieves gangs that they like to assault the oldies. Not the audio system or the on-board computer excites desire. The Lang finger literally go deeper and get the catalyst.

high variety of unreported cases

The bad activity increases significantly a growing number of measurements. There were already 1038 in 2022 if the ADAC-Straßenwacht taped 77 cases in 2018. The variety of unreported cases, the club hypothesizes, is still far higher-thone alone because the yellow angels are not contacted for every Atlas. Due to the fact that there is costly valuable metals such as palladium, rhodium and platinum in it, the exhaust gas cleaner is a rewarding victim. In the case of waste metal dealerships, burglars can quickly redeem a small to a higher three-digit amount for a driver, states the Dollar Institute borne by the HUK-Coburg insurance coverage. The ADAC reports that the components then recycled and brazenly offer the makers of catalysts once again.

Astra, Prius and Polo chosen

However why are older cars and trucks and according to ADAC, the Opel Astra, Toyota Prius and VW Polo-privileged victims are in particular? This pertains to the reality that the growth is fast and particularly easy here. The three-way catalyst is quickly available in the middle of the cars and truck floor, explains the ADAC. Experienced smart specialists typically do not even require a minute to remove. According to ADAC, the KAT is harder to grab more modern lorries, because it is installed extremely near to the engine in order to warm up faster after the cold start and reach running temperature level. For the Lang finger, the matter is therefore more lengthy and hard to get the risk of being caught.

high damage

The chauffeurs often concerned just see the theft when the car unexpectedly sounds different and loudly. Crucial: If the KAT is gone, the operating permit honored, the onward journey is prohibited. If you don't leave the vehicle, a minimum of devote an administrative offense and need to expect a fine and, if required, a Flensburg point, however above all there is no longer any insurance coverage cover.

Even the transport to the workshop needs to be performed by trailer. And the damage is often high, including assembly, the replacement of the catalyst can cost 500 to more than 2000 euros. Anyone who has actually secured thorough insurance can expect that the expenses of a possible deductible. And yet some old automobiles have reached the end of their existence with the KAT-GLAU: namely when the monetary effort needed for the repair surpasses the worth of the truck and the diagnosis of total economic damage is.


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