Hotfix Adapts Combat Frenzy & Heroism Debuffs in WoW WotlK Classic - WoW Developers Make Adjustments

The WoW programmers have once again played a fine but small hotfix on the real-time web servers of WoW Rage of the Rich King Standard. This time the mini-patch is only a single adjustment, but it has it all. Specifically, Classic-Raider, who are traveling frequently in Ulnar, must be happy to alter. Especially, the developers have adapted the rebuff of magic such as fight frenzy and also heroism. If you are not available, while a member of your team looks such a spell, you will certainly not obtain the rebuff saturation. This allows raid groups that are traveling with two shamans in Ulnar to have a 2nd time in the fight against Yogg-Saron to act-a noticeable relief for the third phase of the fight. Listed below you will review the original patch keeps in mind that we equate.


WOW WOULD Standard: Hotfixes from February 10, 2023-official Patch Notes

Rage of the Rich King Classic

  • Players who are in an instance will certainly no more receive rebuffs such as fatigue or saturation if they are not within reach to gain from the benefits of magic such as heroism or battle frenzy. Hotfixes are updates that are performed on the web server without having to download brand-new data. Several of the adjustments listed below entered into force as quickly as Blizzard executed them, whereas others only have a result after an announced world reboot. Please note that some problems can not be resolved without a client-side patch.

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