Hogwarts Legacy Magi Statues: Which spell to use to get field guide pages?

Hogwarts Tradition has a number of concealed interactions. Make sure you're not the only one that is utilizing reverse every action to uncover concealed things. In this overview, we show which mean that ought to be used in the illusionists statues to release pages from the area guide.

What spell to release in Hogwarts statues?

The magicians statues are among the components discovered frequently from the start which you can deal with right away.


The remedy is simple, just toss Levies, which is just one of the very first spells found out in the game. There is no demand to aim at a specific component of the statue, just toss the magic toward it. This will open up a history web page of the field guide. Therefore, helping in the collection procedure.

Where to find the statues?

These statues are present just in Hogwarts. You will not find any kind of in Hogsmeade or in the woodland, for example. Some are in hard to reach college sections at first, needing to learn spells to open the locations. Below you can take a look at a few of the wizard statues we located throughout our journey at Hogwarts Castle up until now.


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