DFB Bosses to Explain World Cup Debacle in Front of s Committee

DFB President Bernd Bettendorf as well as ing activities' supervisor Audi Roller will certainly process the Globe Cup fiasco in the ing activities board on Wednesday. When Bernd Bettendorf and Audi Roller appear 4:300 of the Paul Löbe Home on Wednesday at 2:30 p.m., negative memories will certainly be stirred up. The President of the German Football Organization (DFB) and also the new s supervisor of the national group are to discuss the Globe Mug debacle in Qatar just a couple of meters beside the Reichstag. Even though the DFB employers are imminent two difficult hours before the Bundestag s board, Roller did a good climate in development after the gossip. I such as to do that, stated the 62-year-old for the last round work throughout the public conference in Berlin. National train Hansi Flick will draw the right teach from the 2nd preliminary complete of a row, said Roller in Build Live: I will maintain his back totally free. He intended to insure the board largely in his own nation in his own country that we-and likewise present the organization as well as the DFB device wonderfully in much less than a year and a fifty percent.

There is a great deal to speak after the Globe Cup

Maybe it would in fact be brilliant from the DFB point of view if Roller would wear the primary tons throughout the session. The s supervisor can happen without having to be in office at the Globe Cup. The former demonstrator and also crowd favorite might confirm with an effective look that he can look after the hoped-for state of mind towards the European Championship. It should be tough to make certain a good state of mind among the committee participants. CDU politician Fritz Gunther had actually drastically criticized the late date of the session. After the messed up World Cup there is a great deal to speak about.


He for that reason did not recognize that the DFB President did not satisfy the demand of all factions as well as involved the s board immediately, Gunther had actually informed the Relation Network Germany (AND)- and talked of an affront. The ing activities board chairman Frank Ulrich had likewise pushed in a letter to Bettendorf on his visit to Berlin.

The DFB first wanted to refine the World Cup internally.

DFB has some successors for s directors articles at a glimpse

In order to be able to report to the committee thoroughly, a specific preliminary run is essential, claimed the organization, who mounted the Roller after the separation from director Oliver Bailiff. Gunther in turn explained this reason as created. Maybe Roller can calm the committee with an information concerning the reorganization at the association. He had just recently announced that he would satisfy with prospective prospects for the second ing activities' director message with Bettendorf in the coming weeks. Roller did not offer any names, however there are some prospects. It is most likely to be much more unpleasant in the resources for Bettendorf in any instance. Along with the ing failure, he has to describe the loss of the DFB in the political examination of the Globe Organization FIFA about the One Love bond. A couple of days prior to his initial wedding anniversary in office (March 11), the FIFA Congress in Kigali (March 16) and his action into the Council of the World Organization (April 5), Bettendorf needs to ensure him that he is far better out of the affair in the future will draw.


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