Destiny 2: Lightfall - What is the Veil Explained

Season of the Seraph of Destiny 2 presented to the Guardians an object of immense power known as the veil: an object that will apparently play a role in future events. Destiny 2: Nightfall is here, and you have probably heard that reference is made to the same term several times while preparing for your fight against the witness. If you are stuck asking you that it is the velour is everything you need to know about the object at destination 2: Light fall.

What is the veil in Destiny 2: Nightfall?

Answered Image Source: Bungee At this time, the exact response to what the veil is not clear, apart from the fact that it is an object of immense power that resides in Nominal. This was revealed during the previous Seraphic season by Rasputin in its final moments. Since its launch a few years ago, Destiny's story has become something of relatively mass scale. After being pioneers of light, the introduction of new classes based on darkness has become a central figure in history, since the forces of darkness evolve to become a monstrous entity. The last threat comes in the form of the witness, an almighty being whose presence has been mocked for some time.


Guardians have been fighting to prepare a method of defense against the witness, and the latest words of Rasputin seem to be the cure of the problem, since the veil is referred to as a precious power or immense.

The problem arises because the witness knows about the veil, so don't wait for a free trip to eliminate the great bad this time. As the story develops, we will discover what the veil is, but for now, keep your eyes open, guardian, to know what can stop the forces of darkness. That is all you need to know what the veil is in Destiny 2. Display below to get more tips and tricks of Destiny 2 so that I can conquer Nightfall and be ready for the final test. Related Posts Is Nightfall the end of Destiny 2? Answered How to get the exotic hunter helmet of the Cyrtarrachne facade in Destiny 2 Destiny 2 Prime Gaming: How to redeem and claim the Gunshot Exotic package Are Guardian's ranges new in Destiny 2 Nightfall? Answered How to get a character impulse in Destiny 2


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