Call of Duty: Warzone 2: TrueGamedata Solves Rumor of Weapons with Different Damage Values

The YouTuber TrueGamedata got to the bottom of the rumor that the weapons in Call of Duty: War zone 2 and in the multiplayer of the shooter have different damage values. His tests show that a weapon in the War zone causes substantially more damage. What did TrueGamedata test? There have been reports about various damage values of the weapons in the War zone and the multiplayer for some time. Once again and again parts of the neighborhood speculated that the designers covertly screw on the damage values or struck detection. The widely known streamer Timthetatman, for example, thinks that better gamers have a drawback when shooting. The War zone expert TrueGamedata has actually now got to the bottom of one of these reports. He tested numerous weapons and their damage in the War zone and the outcomes of a handgun surprised him. The Revival Mode returns to the War zone with Season 2 and there is likewise a new little card.


You can see the trailer for Ashoka Island here:

test validates various damage profiles

What do the tests show? TrueGamedata first tested the X12 and its result on challengers with armor plates. This is the weapon that you have available at the start of the War zone. The damage to each weapon in Call of Task can be divided into different damage locations. Basically, the further you are from your location. At the maximum range for pistols, i.e. all ranges higher than 15 meters, the X12 triggers 41 damage in the War zone 41. At a range between 15 and 9 meters, it causes 52 damage and much shorter than 9 meters even triggers 62 damage. For comparison: 62 damage represents a head struck with the X12 in the multiplayer. So the worth are substantially higher than in the multiplayer. There, the pistol triggers only 29 damage at a maximum distance, 36 damage at medium range and damage in close variety 42. The tests likewise revealed that the X12 does not matter whether your opponent geared up armor boards. In this case, the damages remained unchanged. If you wish to see the analysis yourself, you will discover the English YouTube video from TrueGamedata:

it's not practically handguns

Do other weapons likewise cause more damage? In addition to the handgun X12, the YouTuber likewise tested a handful of other weapons. According to him, the time was inadequate for more. After all, the efforts needed to happen under genuine conditions in a public round of War zone. The tests were incredibly difficult, the specialist was able to check a maker weapon, an attack and a leg rifle. The damage from the Icarus, the DEL and the TAQ-56 agreed with the damage profile of weapons in the multiplayer. In addition to the X12, just the M4, another popular assault rifle, acted, unlike in the multiplayer. This weapon caused approximately 4 damage points in the War zone.

However, the deviation on the M4 is much lower than with the handgun. TrueGamedata therefore assumes that unknown aspects play a role here.

weapon in War zone more powerful so that firemen send up being fairer

Why is a weapon in the War zone more powerful? In the comments listed below the YouTube video of Truegamedata, the community goes over the outcomes of the test. Numerous spectators think that the changed damage values of the X12 are due to the reality that the gamers begin with this weapon into the War zone. The developers would have strengthened the handgun to assist players. The handgun adds more damage so that gamers have a possibility against opponents who have currently lifted a much better weapon from the floor. Incidentally, there were already discrepancies in the damage worth in War zone 1-assault rifles had a 3rd damage area, so it caused less damage to distances than in the multiplayer. Otherwise, the profiles were the same. The theory from the neighborhood sounds quite obvious, there is no main verification on the part of the designers. In any case, the Material Developer TrueGamedata believes that there might be other weapons whose damage profile differs the multiplayer. Nevertheless, further tests are essential for this. COD MW2: Slide-Canceling was yesterday- Snaking is the new motion trick of the experts


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