Warlord Arena Evolution Global Launched

Developed by Indie Game Developer Ransom Games and serviced by Dream Play Games, Warlord Arena Evolution (Warlord Arena (EVOLUTION) rose to Google Play (Pre-Experience Version) and Apple App Store. It is showing.

The Warlord Arena Evolution is a mobile survival game that kills opponents on the battlefield, evolves into a more powerful hero, and will continue to battle until the last one remains.

If you kill your opponent or acquire experience in the Battle Arena, you can upgrade your level and your hero and skill options appear.


The heroes can enjoy strategic play in consideration of real-time combat situations, depending on the evolution route and the skill appears randomly.

Heroes have a variety of appearance, including humanoids and monsters, and they can use their own skills for each hero.

Skills are basically divided into stats upgrades and unique ability. It is important to collect as many as possible because only the item and the skills have appeared as a battle option.

In addition, there are tier-specific leagues from Bronze to Platinum, which increases the number of enemies as the top leagues are upgraded, and the combat stats are upgraded, causing the challenging desire to conquer the league.

Kim Hangar, head of Dream Play Games, said, Warlord Arena Evolution is a simple operation that can be easily played by anyone, and the rogue elements will be added to the survival game to make it more diverse and thrilling. I said.

Currently, Warlord Arena Evolution is available for free from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.


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