Paragon - The Game That Changed My Life

Net marble's new 3D TPS MOB, Paragon: The Over frame has begun early access since December 8. It was a project that started with an indie project based on Epic Games' 3D TPS MOB Paragon, where the service ended in 2018, but after joining Net marble, it was accelerated by developing trademark rights by Epic Games in October this year. .

Some questioned the adoption of the name Paragon. After the service ended in the beta phase, it was a game that showed a free release of the asset. However, at the time of the title 'Over frame', the Alpha Test and the 1st and 2nd Cuts have been fixed, and the slow game tempo, which was a chronic disadvantage of Paragon, and the title name 'Paragon:' In the final test and G-Star demonstration, I was able to see a positive signal by arranging the original character 'Jenna', which was not in the previous Paragon.

Even if you have been quenching several times in the test phase, the important thing will be whether it shows good performances in the official launch. And Paragon: The Over frame entered the final step, early access. Similar to the official launch, paid products were opened, and the updates were opened at all times, and the final gateway, which will show the cross-section of the live service, is once again pointed out what 'Paragon' is.

Game Name: Paragon: The Over frame Genre: 3D TPS MOB Early access release: 2022.12.8 Review: Early access build |

Developer: Net marble F & C Service: Net marble Platform: PC Play: PC


Forget the previous paragon, and the faster game tempo, such as the line portal,

As the title name may not be erased, let's point out the game tempo first. Previously, Paragon was a dominant game of 'slow'. The optimization is well optimized to look over, but the character's movement is slightly cramped, and the map size is wider than the movement speed, and the skill MANA consumption is high. At the same time, after the speed patch, it was dramatically improved, but it was a game that was unusual to play for more than 30 minutes.

Paragon: The Over frame has already emphasized the speed and tempo, as if it had already been conscious of this since the Overtime days. In the first CBT, the line clear and map movement speed further increased by raising the character's movement speed and attack speed to the item-based play, such as the conventional paragon's deck system or gem system, but rather than the usual MOB. In particular, the addition of 'Sprint Mode', which can be moved quickly during non-battle, has been faster to return and join the line, making it easier to operate Santa and Lines.

In addition, from the second CBT, the company installed a 'portal' that connects the solo line and the duo line on both ends of the map. Previously, it was difficult to join the duo line in the solo line, so there was no good composition of the prime spirit or the guardian fight, but after the final test, the portal was installed not only in the two lines but also in the prime spirit and the guardian.

It was induced to make the fight more fiercely. In addition, if the effect was activated only by moving the prime guardian's buff to a designated place, now it was now given the motivation of the object fight by changing the buff immediately by defeating the guardian.

Previously, it was a hump from the demolition of the first tower, but overall, the tower was lowered, while only allies could enter near the suppressor tower, and the enemy could not enter the bypass, which led to a more intense battlefield. In the past, the tower stamina was so high that it was difficult to dream of the demolition unless the enemy was changed at once after inducing the object fight, but now it was possible to choose the enemy to push the enemy or to push the tower while working in moderation or to choose a strategy. Because.

The map also minimized the road by removing the tower of each line and shortening the length in the version after the first large-scale improvement of the previous paragon. It was a change that the previous paragon was not only a big map, but the road was complicated and difficult to adapt.

These changes seemed to be trivial, but the snow bowling of the gameplay that the change brought was surprising. In the past, it was difficult to intervene in the opposite line, but that doesn't mean that the tower stamina is not fast, so it's not a common backdoor, and it's hard to induce the fight. The ending was often. Of course, there was a slightly different composition in the coriander zone, but at first, the users who came in the perfume of 3D TPS MOB were unable to go to that stage and had a low understanding of the genre of MOB.

But this 'paragon' was different. This is because he has clearly understood the problems of the previous paragon and changed it to the trend of modern MOB. It didn't change it at once, but it was a bit of a sense of stability, as it changed as it was gradually changing the framework through several tests.

Enhance accessibility by enhancing optimization, convenience, and awkward motion reorganization

Now, Net marble has been transferred to trademarks, but anyway, even if the name Paragon itself hasn't played the game, developers who have dealt with Unreal Engine have been looking at Assets once or twice, so the quality and 'optimization' are also eye-catching. In particular, if you remember that you were cut in the first CBT in a batch 4K, you would be anxious.

Already, this part was optimized so that the play was not too hard to play from the second CBT to the GeForce 1660 supermarket. Previously, in the first CBT, the frame was slightly lowered even at the FHD resolution during the 5-5 strokes, and eventually, the second CBT had almost no frame drop until the second shot. And after the final test, the QHD resolution showed the optimization that proceeded smoothly without a frame drop until the second hit.

The issue of tutorials, items, and training grounds, which was constantly mentioned in the test, was also modified. At first, I didn't tell me what the jungle item was, so I couldn't start the jungle, and I saw a lot of colorful colors.


In the final test, it was supplemented with a recommendation item for beginners or a 'illustration' that allows you to preview the item effect in advance. The tutorial has also been expanded to three stages, including not only stories about the purchase and line structure of basic items, as well as returning, ping and communication functions. This is still a little lacking, but the tutorial will be expanded in the 4th and 5th stages, so there is room for which it will depend on what is added after that.

The training ground allows you to exchange hero changes in the exercise area without going through the lobby, and to be able to exchange level adjustments and items at any time. In addition, Jungle Monsters and Objects were also placed around to practice the combo, item settings, and various tactics using objects. In particular, unlike the Quarter View MOB, which uses the map as a plane, Paragon is a game that is clearly caught up and down by the terrain, so sometimes it has jumped into the jump pad or the air. I needed to learn from.

Nevertheless, it was not well-marked with the section that could not be passed except for the skill that rises up or teleported from the mini map, but in the final test version, the part was clearly displayed, so the road was relatively less. It was painted in gray, so it was easy to be buried in a bright background, but it also increased the visibility by darkening the background color of the mini map.

Another noticeable change is that the names of the characters have become more natural as they return to the name of the old paragon. As Epic Games was transferred to the trademark of Paragon, it was a feeling that only the parts that had to be developed after recovering the parts that had been changed somewhat unreasonable in order to renew the feeling of the old paragon in the past were developed.

For example, when it was 'Born', he grabbed the sword as a reverse to make a little difference from the old paragon's 'mystery', but it was a bit awkward with the existing motion as it was not completely reorganized. However, as he returned to 'Mystery', the Kendo was held again, and the unnatural part was reduced by returning to the original motion and dash motion. However, it was not that the slow tempo of the old paragon came back, but it was quite encouraging that the speed was slowed or frustrated as it was newly tuned to the current paragon's fast tempo.

The good thing about the previous paragon was, but it was a natural change to add a new character, 'Jenna', an original character and Net marble's digital human being. At first glance, it was a combination that would not be suitable. As Digital Human, designed as K-Pop Virtual Idol, melted as a character, the costume may have been matched, but it was natural that the skill set or motion would suit the urgent battlefield of Paragon.

However, there was a 'mystery' with K-pop idols in Paragon, so it wasn't so bad. In addition, the skill set and the effects were well melted into the battlefield so that this concern was lean. It was because the dancing was sublimated into swords, and the effect was simply implemented by the afterimage, revealing the lines and not excessively.

It's still early in early access, and it's hard to talk about the addition of new characters because it's a stage where BM and competitive composition for characters. Because there are not yet all the characters of the old paragon, they can't say that the original character like Jenna will come out, or whether the character of the old paragon will appear first.

Even so, it is encouraging that unlike the composition that was previously reinterpreted by the old paragon's character, the original character was melted into the worldview. It also means that you have the power to keep changing the meta by adding new characters in any direction.

It is not good to be so happy because it feels like this meme. However, this was forced to go over because 'Paragon: The Overtime' was a mountain that had to go forward. And in this early access, it definitely showed the appearance of the old paragon's ghosts, so after this, there is no need to tell the story of the old paragon. The first half is clearly cleared and joined so that it breaks the perception that it is slow and boring


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