Cyberpunk 2077 Ripperdoc Locations. How To Find Them

Ripper docs in Cyberpunk 2077 is more local doctors available throughout Night City.


Each of them provides you with certain updates that are well blocked within their field of knowledge, which makes each of them unique, providing updates that you are looking for. There are 13 famous rippers that you can find inside and outside the Night City. All of them will sell you various improvements.


District Watson

Ripped # 1-Victor Vector You can find Victor on the southern outskirts of the watson district in small China. You will not be able to skip it, as you will also encounter it in your main quest line. Ripped No. 2-Ryder You can find Cassius Ryder, located in the northern part of the watson district in front of a large hotel. Ripped No. 3-Charles BAX You can find Charles Banks in Kabuki of the Watson district north of the central square of Kabuki. Ripper doc # 4-Robert Rainwater You can find Robert in Kabuki of the Watson district behind the lower market. Ripper doc #5-instant implants You can also find inst antic implants in Kabuki of the watson district in Night City, right under the bridge leading to the Japanese quarter of Awestruck.

Westbrook District

Ripped # 1-Japanese quarter You can find a nameless ripped in Japan town of the Westbrook district. Ripper doc # 2-Fingers MD You can find the Fingers MD in the Japanese quarter of the Westbrook district. Ripped No. 3-Nina You can find Nina Travis in the charter hills of the Westbrook district.

The Central District of the City

Ripped # 1-city center You can find this Ripped in the city center, not far from the bridge leading to the coastal island.

Haywood District

Ripper doc # 1-Sources You can find this ripped in the wells of the Haywood district on the nearest street to the water edge. This is the best that Ripper docs is offered with several legendary implants that will be useful on your journey.

Santo-Doming District

Ripped # 1-Octavio You can find the Octavio clinic on the Coronado ranch in the Santo Domingo area on the far southeastern side, right under the large dam.

Ripped # 2-Arroyo You can find this Ripperdoco in the Arroyo of the Santo Domingo district on the southeastern outskirts.

Pacifica District

Ripper doc # 1-Western wind estate You can find this Ripped in the estate of the western wind in the Pacific area on the eastern side near the outskirts of the city.


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