5 French and Moroccan Soccer Broadcasters for the 2022 World Cup

The World Cup is an international football competition that takes place every four years. It's one of the most popular sporting events in the world and millions of people tune in to watch it. For example, there were over 3 billion TV viewers for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil!

The round of the last four at the World Cup in Qatar is historical: for the very first time, a team from Africa remains in the semi-finals. Morocco just stayed unbeaten versus Croatia, Belgium and Canada in the group phase-and then also changed off Spain (3-0 after charge shootout) and Portugal (1-0) in the knockout rounds. Now the lions from Atlas will satisfy world champ France on Wednesday night (8 p.m.). The Équipe Tricolore defeated Poland (3: 1) and after that England (2: 1), however needed to accept a defeat as a Morocco-in the group phase when Tunisia triumphed 1-0.

ZDF and Magenta TV transmit live

Now the North Africans in the Always Stadium of Author satisfy the former colonial power of France. The battle should therefore not just end up being emotional on the yard. The encounter is transferred freely to the TV and stream on ZDF.


In addition, Magenta TV is there for all 64 World Cup games.

By the way, for ZDF analyst Bela Retry it will be the last effort: after 28 years at the microphone, Retry is retiring. The game for third place lastly shows Magenta TV again exclusively and occurs on Saturday (4 p.m.), the final on Sunday (4 p.m.) will then broadcast the ARD.


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