Where to find and catch Rockruff in scarlet and purple Pokémon


Rock ruff has been a Pokémon worshiped by many since its launch in generation 7. Fortunately, fans of the adorable rock-type puppy have access to him in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple. If you want to add a rock ruff to your team, we have everything you need to know about where to find and catch Rock ruff in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple.

Where to find Rock ruff in Scarlet and Purple Pokémon

Rock ruff habitat in the Pale region is indicated on the map below, highlighted in yellow. Rock ruff likes to have his home in the southwest of the Pale region, and is most commonly close to rocky areas, mountains and cliffs. For the comfort of reducing your search to precise locations, here is a list of the specific areas in which Rock ruff can be found:

  • East Province (area one)
  • South province (area one, two, three, four and five)
  • West province (area one)
  • Roasted desert

Image source: The Pokémon Company through

That is all you need to know where to find and catch Rock ruff in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple. To achieve more useful game guides, tips and information, consult the rest of our scarlet and purple Pokémon content. We have a wide variety of issues that will surely help you during your trip to Pale, how to get bright Pokémon, how to evolve Shrewdly to Graffiti and how to change the time of day and night.


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