Steam ancient agricultural sim Ancient Farm announced. Pioneer farmland and create fields from the world thousands of years ago

Publisher Ultimate Games announced on November 4 the Ancient Farm , an ancient agricultural simulation game by RURAL GAME STUDIO. The compatible platform is a PC (Steam), and the distribution time is undecided.


Ancient Farm is an agricultural simulation game set in a world thousand of years ago. Although ancient civilization seems to be developing, there is no convenient machine or tools like modern times yet. Under such circumstances, the player aims to become a peasant, give people food and go up to great existence.

Players are given a vast lands. Before growing crops, you must first develop farmland from 1. Cut down the surrounding trees and cut the grass. It will be a steady task because it is only primitive tools. If you get a cow, you will be able to pull it with a rope and cut down a large tree, improving your work efficiency.

After that, cows seem to be active when cultivating farmland and making ridges. When the field is completed, the crop seeds are sown and water is drawn from the river. It is said that the waterway also needs to dig and make it. In this work, each of these tasks is presented as a mission, and it seems that they will do their to the game.

As mentioned above, cows are important in the agricultural work of this work, and it is necessary to take care of them while keeping them as livestock. Build a hut on the farm with the wood you get, and then give it water and straw. By managing cows and farmland, grains will eventually grow.

The harvested grains are ground with a stone mill and powdered. Both the harvest and powdered process are performed manually. Then, fill the ground powder in a bag, bring it to the city and convert it to money. It seems that harvesting may be used to incorporate the power of the land. The work of the players will increase the evaluation of the farm, and as a result, it will be possible to expect more harvesting.

Ancient Farm is being developed for PC (Steam). The delivery time is undecided.


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