Nacon MG-X controller

Bacon provided to take charge of another controller, the MG-X Pas Pro. What do we have to say?

A few months back, our associate and nonetheless buddy Coastal was testing for you the FoxPro controller in Bacon, thought for the Cloud Video gaming. Between these controllers and the intramuscular headphones, you see that we stay looking for the perfect combination for the Cloud Video Gaming on Mobile. The Xbox Game Pass is acknowledged as an exceptional loyalty program, GeForce Now is also happening bit by bit, however Microsoft's Cloud Gaming's deal speaks enormously to a population that is a growing number of nomadic.

What we liked

Design as a whole

The look is basic, sober and effective, the couple of touches of colors used will not confuse the users of the Xbox official controller, since they just arrange the Quartet of Abby pimples on the best part of the controller. The rest of the manage of the controller is just as traditional, with unbalanced concave joysticks, two triggers, 2 bumpers, a directional cross...

The only shock is the exile of the Xbox button (which also acts as a ON/OFF button) on the lower left part of the right handle.

Bacon MG-X does not hide its game: in the beginning look, we see that we are handling a controller dedicated to smart devices. No doubt the ideal huge hole in the middle of the controller planned to accommodate your mobile which offers the wick.

It is on the back of the controller that a brand-new crucial feature appears: parts curved in the very plastic shell which serves as manages and covered with a texture... honeycombed? These discrete manages are an initial variation compared to the MG-X Pro which had decided to reproduce more or less the handles of the Xbox controller.

The stability provided on the phone

The only scenario that has come to the end of this strangulation is an undesirable tape on the left part of the phone which is not based upon the plastic grip discovered on the ideal part of the controller.

Otherwise, in between the strength of the plastic and the tightening up grip, it is extremely hard to make your mobile run genuine threats, as long as its size does not surpass the 6 diagonal. We will put a little warning nevertheless to illustrate the Force of the springs used: Make care when removing your phone, the left deal with will fall back extremely rapidly and without you having the ability to stop it if you marvel, so beware of the Pinion!

The installation is easy: hold the ideal deal with in your hand, pull on the left deal with to increase the size of the planned orifice to accommodate your phone, release, capitalize. Your phone is now taken in noose and not near to breaking the hinge by surprise, even in case of jolts. Honestly, nevertheless, it was shaken, it was in any case the controller that wound up leaving us from the hands instead of the phone that was dislodged from its area.

user-friendly and fast start-up

For enjoyable, we wished to evaluate the optimum connection ranges, but we will not share any worth at the cookie cutter here since we are aware that it will vary from one phone to another. In any case, we have actually always managed to play without problem even numerous meters from our phone, which far surpasses our expectations for a controller that is prepared to be hung on your phone.

We will benefit from it to recall that this controller is exclusively planned to run on Android, iPhone owners will need to move towards options in rivals.

For an Android phone owner, on the other hand, it is on the edge of the plug and play. Light the controller through the Xbox button, press the Bluetooth button for a long time on among the pieces, combine the controller on your ph1. Here, GG No Re, as boomers say, and moreover rather literally, because once you have done so, no need to duplicate this procedure, your controller will be immediately recognized.

The fairly good autonomy

The load is carried out in USB-C, rather just, by plugging the controller into its lower edge. The gadget has actually looked after twice in about 2 hours.

We had the opportunity to unload it totally twice: the first charge held 2 p.m., the second 15 hours. It is downright sincere compared to the average life-span of a load on a rechargeable battery of Xbox controller.

What we liked less

The right part of the controller

It will call like a heresy with Microsoft fans but on this accurate design, we may have advocated an in proportion arrangement of the joysticks of the controller. The right joystick is indeed a little too low (for us, perhaps?) And routinely forced us to make gymnastics of the thumb to be able to reach it in the heat of the action.

So it depends on clarifying that it is possibly we who are conditioned by years of PlayStation Vita. We should unquestionably invest a little more time on our switch which has a comparable arrangement however which seems we understand excessive why more optimized.

Quite medium sets off

Another bothersome example, even if the cordless headphones have after all generalized considering that the launch of the AirPods: it is difficult to utilize a wired helmet, unless it is among the unusual designs with a jack port on the edge.

Unattainable ports

It was not a real issue for us, it will probably be one for some. Even if it is much narrower than the pro version and its long Xbox controller horns, it remains extremely long. This enters into most of the backpacks, or even in pockets of coats, however it is still possibly bulky.


All the buttons are of great quality. The Abby secrets might be a little tough and noisy initially glimpse, however we believe that after a couple of weeks of use, it will be nothing. On the other hand, one has the impression that it will not be the very same for the triggers.

Bacon did not believe of supplying a solution that would allow for example filling your phone while you play. This is likewise why the autonomy is relatively great... In the end, you will always end up needing to recharge your phone before the controllers of the controller are emptying!

Package alone of this controller is more than 20 centimeters, the photo opposite shows the concern completely with no requirement to say more.

The size

The cost

Suddenly, with regard to all this, the optimum suggested price of EUR 89.99 is a good drag to swallow.

They are rigid and deal absolutely no feeling of return or dose. It is a real handicap on at least two types of game, FPS, for that reason, and sports driving games.

Relics Load Gérard Ajax, Martin

The proposal is solid, it is simply the execution that fish a little with really great ideas that rub shoulders with plainly improvable components.

A couple of months ago, our coworker and nonetheless good friend Coastal was evaluating for you the FoxPro controller in Bacon, believed for the Cloud Video gaming. Between these controllers and the intramuscular earphones, you see that we remain looking for the ideal combination for the Cloud Gaming on Mobile. The look is easy, sober and efficient, the few touches of colors utilized will not disorient the users of the Xbox main controller, since they just organize the Quartet of Abby pimples on the ideal part of the controller. Truthfully, however, it was shaken, it was in any case the controller that ended up leaving us from the hands rather than the phone that was removed from its area.

It is complicated to suggest this fairly unique controller without concession.

Light the controller through the Xbox button, press the Bluetooth button for a long time on one of the pieces, combine the controller on your phone.


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