Marvel Snap: This is The Infinaut deck that will make you win 20 in 20 games

Among all the decks that I am currently crossing in Marvel Snap, The Infant is probably the one that has given me the most difficult thing that is to get ahead of 20 points of power at the table at the last moment.


If you also want to learn to play it, then we leave you a guide with the best deck of The Infant, so you know what letters to choose and how to play each of them shift. Let's go there.

The Marvel Snap deck to win with The Infant

As you will know those who have tried the letter or have faced it, The Infant's peculiarity is that it has 20 points of power, but to be able to play it you must have kept you without playing letters in the previous turn.

This poses two problems. We need to have several locations for turning 4, and we must reuse the game points that we do not use in shift 5 so as not to stay with crossed arms.

For that last, Sunspot will be very helpful and his ability to load with power with the points that have not been used during the last shift. The rest, on the other hand, is a combination based on snorting Angela with small cards, close locations with Storm and, of course, add the 4 additional points that Jessica Jones will give us during turn 5.

If you have placed your cards well, the arrival of The Infant should serve to end up winning the locations where we are underneath or become a repulsive in those holes in which the enemy does not seem to have interest. I leave you with the deck in question.

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