LOL: The forgotten champion who returns hard

Forgotten, obsolete, no one will ever choose. This one that Son was being treated in League of Legends. However, the Try Master is making a triumphant return to the LOL server, to the point of placing itself among the eight champions with the best percentage of victories at all levels of preseason 13, and the first three from the first three Platinum and superior links. The most curious of all this is that the champion kit has hardly changed.

Small change, great consequences?

Son's best current build remains the same except a change in a key item. To do this, you need to start with the AP support item to pokier, then take the goddess's tear, the Ionian boots of lucidity, and finally buy the mythical item of surely war anthem.

Except for the goddess's tear, which was not a central item before, the first build, as we said, is essentially the same as Son already used before. The goal is to take advantage of the mana as support that the item gives you to be able to release spells during Team fights. As for the tear of God, it allows Son to maintain distance in Bot Lane after the deletes.

The rest of the itemization is the same as other AP supports or healing ackets, such as burning thirty, aqua flux staff or even Mikael blessing, depending on the composition of the opposing team. If not necessary, Quite purifier or redemption completely complete builds. As for spells, there is no news either. Son continues with the same style of gameplay, with the player needing to maximize Q (value anthem) and then W (Perseverance Aria).

What are the possible counterattacks of Son?

One of the keys to play from Son is that it is very difficult to counterattack the champion with a traditional champion. Senna and Soraya have a skill kit that can yield a balanced confrontation. The main goal of ending Son's life is to burst completely before starting Team fights, as your healing and multitude control can be the key to the opposing team's victory. Some of these champions are Malachite and Aliyah.


With regard to shooters, few of Bot Lane's traditional champions can have a comfortable route against Son in this preseason 13. More uncommon champions such as Hagar and Swain are needed to put Son in trouble. Another very popular champion on the lower route today, Nil ah can work very well against Son, as it can mitigate the damage to the support and leave the string master extremely uncomfortable.


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