How to overcome Levncia Gym Test & Leader in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet


As is typical, the last Pokémon games have a lot of gym badges so that players conquer them. Scarlet and Violet have eight different gym battles for players to complete them throughout the Pale region, one of which is the electric type gym, directed by the Ion gym leader. However, before players have the opportunity to fight it, they must complete their gymnastics test and then fight it shortly after. So today, let's talk how to overcome Leticia Gym Test & Leader in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

How to overcome the Leticia Gymnastics Test in Scarlet and Violet Pokémon

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Upon arriving in the city of Leticia and addressing the gym, players must first complete the gym test before challenging the leader, Ion. For this test, look for the director Cavell that he is playing hidden with you. You must find it three times separated into three different places. This is where to find it in each one:

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For the first round, the director Cavell will be at the right of the screen, sitting under one of the tables. Simply place the cursor on him and click on him to successfully complete the first part of the game. Then, you will be challenged by one of the gymnastics coaches. Draft them quickly to move on to the next location of the Hide-Y-Seek game.

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For the second location, the director Cavell is located in the Pokémon center on the left side, standing where the nurse Joy would normally be. Once again, players must pass the cursor on him and click on him to progress, from where they will be challenged by another gymnastics coach. Draft them to move on to the final location of the Hide-Y-Seek challenge.

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For the final challenge, the director Claims hides in the boat at the right and not at the top of the platform where the battle is carried out. One last time, pass the cursor on him and click on him to finally complete the Hide-Y-Seek challenge. In doing so, players can now challenge the ion gym leader to a battle. Return to the main office of the gym to start the battle with IOWA.

How to overcome the Ion gym leader

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For the most part, Ion is a fairly simple fight when it comes to its electric type Pokémon, of which it has four. She begins with the Electric Flying Type, Mattel, which has level 23. Mattel can have Ground immunity since it is a Flying Type, but retains all its Flying weaknesses, such as Ice and Rock. Players should not have too many difficulties in dealing with that. Then, he will send to his level 23 Lucio and Elliott, who are pure electrical types. Any soil type movement should deal with them quickly.

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Finally, It's as under the sleeve, a level 24. In normal circumstances, players would be fighting a ghost type ghost, but instead, Ion transforms it into an electric type, while maintaining its levitation ability, which, which It makes it immune to terrestrial movements. In a nutshell, this Pokémon has no weaknesses and, if you are not careful, they will be swept very quickly. Famous will send spam to Confuse Ray, which will guarantee to confuse your Pokémon if it is beaten, then continue with Charge Beam, which will increase the special attack of aegis. If the players are not able to quickly defeat this aegis, they will eventually be demolished by a load ray because their special attack statistics are too high.

To counteract this, beat it strong and fast before it's too late. The naturally defensive Pokémon against electrical types, such as Ground or Dragon, will work better here. Defeat the same, and finally you will have completed the Leticia gymnastics test. After the victory, the electrical gym badge and a selfie with Ion are your rewards.

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That is all you need to know how to overcome Leticia Gym and Leader in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. Be sure to consult other guides on the game, such as where to catch Paw mi or a complete explanation about the Raids.

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