Dragon Ball Z historical screenwriter unlehes the controversy over Dragon Ball GT: Is it sequel or not?

One of the most prominent scriptwriters and supervisors of the anime of Dragon Ball h unlehed the controversy on social networks by ruling Snare if Dragon Ball GT is official sequel or not of Dragon Ball Z . So much so, that Take Obama , one of the main anime writers bed on the work of Akira Oriya between 1989 and 1996, h sured that the always controversial animated series original Dragon Ball GT is, indeed, sequel DIRECT AND OFFICIAL Dragon Ball Z.

Dragon Ball GT is Canon according to Z screenwriter

And it is that Dragon Ball GT h not a few detractors who see in that animated series a product that is not up to the original work of Akira Oriya, that is, the manga of Dragon Ball. So much so, that the Anime Dragon Ball GT series is not bed on any work of Oriya, since it does not exist a manga; This is a Tea Animation series that w born with the aim of continuing to take advantage of the success of Dragon Ball Z after its conclusion, giving rise to a Questionable Quality Series with plot arches that many fans detest.

In this way, a fan decided to k Take Obama if Dragon Ball GT is Official of Dragon Ball Z, to which the screenwriter responded with a clear of course . All this without the writer himself working in his day in GT, although something will know about the franchise... Now, after the statement of Take Obama, many are the fans who do not accept their words and continue without to recognize the Dragon Ball GT canon with respect to the original series.


Of course, the absence of Key personalities of Dragon Ball Z In GT it w noted in the quality of the anime, despite the occional rescued arc.


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