Boltrend Games, 'Last Claudia' official service starts on the 15th

Global Game Public Games (BOLTED GAMES) is a 2D dot-based mobile RPG 'Last Claudia', which is developed and serviced by Japan AIDS, through major app markets such as Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It was officially announced today that it started at 11 o'clock.

Last Claudia, where official service began today, is the world's 'Ganglia', where humans and beasts coexist, and the process of joint duties by the knights 'Kyle' and the beast 'Ray' in the 12th Knights. It is a dot action RPG that takes place in the whirlpool of destiny that shakes the worldview in the world.

If you look at the main features of the game one by one, the extreme dot graphics combined with 2D characters are impressive in the space drawn with 3D graphics, and the sense of hitting the skill and action is alive enough to be boring in developing the battle. It also has a variety of attractive points, including high-end movies that can be seen every time they use freedom characters and arcs and skills.

In particular, it is designed and designed to be designed and designed to be not bound by character characteristics, and it is possible to foster characters using arcs according to the user's own style. In this way, Kyle, Ray, and adventure journey according to the user's choice according to the user's choice. All of them can be enjoyed at the same time, not all fixed frameworks, but at the same time.

Through the CBT on September 20, the users who have experienced the game in advance have been acclaimed for feeling a console game RPG sensitivity by targeting the contents of the battles and various mini-games. In addition, the main source of dreamy feelings with the piano melody is expected to entertain the ear throughout the play.

Thanks to the support and interest of users fascinated by emotional dot action RPG, on August 25, the cumulative download of the world surpassed 4 million, and it is one of the competitive RPGs in the global market. I have it.


An official of the Bolt rend Games said, Last Claudia is a developer that contains all the elements that think of the RPG genre in all AIDS developers. It is a game that has a high level of completeness until the Easter Egg '' Easter Egg '. We will reward interest with good operation services in the future.

In commemoration of the official service of the Last Claudia, the Bolt rend Games side will pick up the 'Golem Prince' and 'Princess Lira' pickup from today to November 22. The Ob Glory 'Event and' Phantom See 'will be held until November 29th.

The record of glory event is divided into 'Glowing Golden Soul' and 'Voice called by Abyss' by period, and by clearing the boss and clearing the event, you will receive a dedicated item 'Squadron's Blade Pieces' and 'Cumulative Points'. Both the sculpture and the cumulative point can be exchanged with limited items, fostering materials, and draw tickets.

Meanwhile, more information and events related to Last Claudia, which the official service began today, can be found through the Never Lounge community.


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