Valorant: Despite not entering franchises, G2 ESports will have a project with which to upload to VCT

Despite not entering the Valorant franchises, ** G2 eSports will seek glory in the shorter Riot Games tactical. Season, Samurai discipline will continue to bet on the game after this hard Stowell.

He will compete in the North American competition, as planned by the European organization during all this time, and for this he would have already made a first signing. The coach of version1, Ian IMSI Harding, will direct the reconstruction to compete in the VCT Challengers circuit next year.

This Challengers circuit is expected to begin before the start of the international circuit, with potentially planned tournaments by the end of 2022, as confirmed by the editor through two sources, so the team will have to look for spare parts throughout these days once Almost all franchise rosters have been confirmed.

A clear objective, ascent


G2 Esports, according to this report, will compromise with the NA Challengers League with a clear objective: to reach the League that Riot threw them in recent days before announcing the chosen ones. It must be remembered that the Ocelot scandal with Andrew Tate was the trigger for it, and that they were so sure that they were going to enter, that months and days ago they contacted the Set players to sign them, and the ocelot himself would do an interview In the Washington Post, which finally did not occur.

It must be remembered that this new competition format will have the possibility to qualify for this franchise league through the ascension circuit. This format will allow the best teams of each of the three main regions to be classified for these next year, so we are for sure that the samurais will seek to cement some solid bases with which to achieve their goal.


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