LOL - Worlds 2022: Not the luxury of illusion allowed us a mediocre G2 eSports

If the desire was buried before 10 p.m., it was not necessary to reach midnight so that G2 eSports also sew the slightest hope. The humiliation suffered against Evil Geniuses made it clear that Europeans were at a time terrible and not very suitable for the feat that was required today.

It was necessary to overcome Damon KIA and JDG , two teams that have proven better than G2 eSports, were the unlikely defeated from the European club for that final classification to the quarter. Of course, sometimes the glasses of see LOL, brave analysis and other issues coincide with the common sense of your brother the iron IV. It was complicated to even think of a single victory.

Damon Kia bleed to G2 until despair

G2 tried to look for an even more defensive composition and based on climbing, with champions such as Strafing, Senna or Swain. This served not to lose the game in 4 minutes, as happened against Evil Geniuses. What we witnessed on this occasion was something a bit different: a pressure bleeding in all lines that was unable to be stopped by G2 Esports. The game was the helmet of a ship with more holes that has a hand.

We can talk about strategic issues, or approaches in the Draft, but the reality is that G2 Esports has not lived up to the challenge in these Worlds. They have not been able to compete except rarely and have been overcome in merely mechanical matters, preventing their compositions from entering into play, as in a bad Solo.


An early goodbye to the Worlds that also leaves Damon and JDG as the two classified teams of the group, with only their order at stake during the last three meetings of the day today. An anticlimactic end, but totally consistent with what was seen on the crack of League of Legends invoked. G2 has not had a bad year if we take into account the change of cycle undertaken this year, but disappoints to see that they have not even been able to enjoy the experience.


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