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An anime Shōnen would not be the same without at least a story related to falling in love, and Jujitsu Kaiser is no exception. However, since it is a movie, there is only so much time that you can dedicate to this effort, and as a result, the spin of the plot is hanging at the end of the film. It is possible that he has noticed this fact and, as a result, he has been wondering: Is Make in love with Yuma in Jujitsu Kaiser 0? Or the feelings passed after the events of the film?

Fortunately for you, we have an answer for you.

Is Make in love with Yuma in Jujitsu Kaiser 0? Answered


The short answer is that yes, Make feels something for Yuma in Jujitsu Kaiser 0.

This is mainly due to Yuma treating her as a real person, unlike her family, who treats her as an impotent error. Where they scold her and discard her because she does not have damn energy or cursed techniques, Yuma applauds her for pursuing her dream despite these obstacles and admits to wanting to be as strong as she. He has also been there to help her every time she is in trouble, which causes her feelings to grow over time and remain intact to the current arch of the series.

That is why Panda mentions in Jujitsu Kaiser season 1 that Make's hardest side softens every time she mentions Yuma. She still feels something for him even though they have not seen themselves while Yuma is training in Africa with Miguel, and she probably hopes to see him again in the future.

Why panda asks Yuma about the preferred size of the breasts?

Apart from this long distance aspect, the only other obstacle is that Yuma does not realize Make's feelings in Jujitsu Kaiser 0. It gives the impression that he believes that Make could not be interested in him during most of the film And he doesn't. ’T make a movement as a result.

That is why Panda tries to push him to give Make some sign that he would also be interested in her, although in a perverted way. The fact that he asked Yuma what breast size he prefers has the intention of him saying that he likes the same size Make is, and make both act according to their feelings for each other.

Does Make and Yuma ever come together in Jujitsu Kaiser?

As for whether Yuma and Make ever come together or not in Jujitsu Kaiser, it is still about to be seen.

At the time of writing this guide, Make and Yuma have still largely separated during most of the series. However, they are now working together towards the same goal of finishing the Culling Game, and they are likely to meet at some point to defeat Kenya along with Atari Yuri and Fushiguro Legume.

However, it is still unknown if her spark will remain there at this point. Anyway, we will follow the series and update this guide as soon as there is more information available.

That should cover everything you need to know about If Make loves or not Yuma in Jujitsu Kaiser 0 . To get more information about the broader series, see the articles related below. We also have many other explanatory guides for Jujitsu Kaiser 0, including what Goo tells Get and who is canonically dead at the end of the film.

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