GTA Online: How to get 300,000 dollars free and other awards with Judgment Day

This month is very special for GTA online because during the next weeks the saints will become a more sinister place than ever with the imminent Halloween celebration. That is why a new game mode called Judgment Day has been enabled, with which you canachieve free 300,000 dollars * and many other rewards, as we will see in the next guide.


How to get 300,000 dollars for free and other awards with Judgment Day

This new adversary game mode will divide players into two groups. On the one hand there will be armed bikers from top to bottom, who must hunt a group of victims who must do everything possible to hide from this band of criminals.

The motorists will begin each round by piloting an LCC sanctum, they will have more health than normal, they will move at full speed and will go equipped with a two-gun shotgun, a stone Haskell and will have at their disposal skills such as thermal vision for a brief period of time. In case it was not enough, they can feel the heartbeat, regenerate health and cause more damage than normal if someone approaches them.

For their part, Victims can run into weapons that will be distributed along the stage and that they can only use. While they will serve to neutralize motorists, it will not be easy, although it will be something indispensable to revive fallen companions. Thus, even survive until dawn or choose to kill all motorists.

Whatever happens, everyone will receive twice dollars and reputation points just for participating. However, winning three rounds will make you take $300,000 that you will receive within 72 hours. And there will not be everything left, because in the coming weeks you can also choose to win other articles inspired by Halloween.

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