Comtus Baseball Game Line Up 10 months after sales exceeded last year

Come's baseball game lineup has achieved the biggest performance ever, proving his face as a baseball game master.

Comes' HBO and MLB licensed baseball game lineup achieved combined sales of 100 billion won on the 27th. This is a surge in the annual record in 2021 in 10 months, with monthly sales rose more than 20% compared to last year. Come's baseball game lineup recorded a monthly sales of about 13 billion won in April, and has been loved by many baseball and game fans since then.

In particular, not only in Korea but also in the US, Japan, and Taiwan, which are popular in the United States, Japan, and Taiwan, the company has shown nearly half of its sales in global. In fact, Come's representative baseball game series, such as Com2S Pro Baseball (Comfort, MLB9 Innings, and Not of the Park Baseball (OLTP), is the Google Play Store and Apple App Store this year since the opening of the professional baseball this year. It is named on the top chart of the sports game.

In fact, this year's HBO license mobile game and MLB licensed mobile game are ranked first in Comes.

According to Data. Ai (former App Annie), a data and analysis platform, 'Comma 2022' is recorded as the HBO game with the highest sales ranking among game sports genres this year. In addition, the Comp ya V22, which was launched in April, succeeded in targeting new users with high reality and casual gameplay, making the mobile baseball game leader Comes more firm.

In the global market, MLB9 Innings 22 is leading to achievements with a steep growth compared to the same period last year. 'MLB9 Innings 22' was also recorded as the MLB license game title, which recorded the highest sales in the world app market this year based on data.AI. It has been ranked No. 1 in the Apple App Store, including the US baseball player, and in Taiwan, and has been named in the top charts since the opening of the season in Canada and Korea.

In addition, based on the realistic and sophisticated gameability that seems to run a real club, the company has been a popular longevity game for nine years and has become a popular longevity game. Based global baseball management games 'Out of the Park Baseball (OLTP)' and 'MLB 9 Innings GM' are also expanding the base of the baseball game genre, providing in-depth fun of the in-depth strategy simulation game.


A Com2uS official said, We are deeply grateful to Korea and other users around the world for being the best position in both HBO and MLB license-based mobile baseball games. In the future, we will continue to reward users' support by making full efforts in game development and service so that the modifier of baseball game name is not ashamed.


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