Apple would have stopped the production of the iPhone 14 plus

A few weeks ago that all versions of the iPhone 14 have been launched to the market, having great acceptance on the entire pro model with its largest size than the others. However, it seems that the Plus version is not going as Apple had planned, so they are considering stop producing the dough phone.

According to what is reported in the media, the company would have asked its component producer in China to leave production immediately. Although that does not properly mean that the device stops selling. This is to have a pause and analyze the market, and then define the next step to follow for this product.

The launch of the devices is really new, so the company will think of a way to make this model more attractive, and above all to think in the future with more phones such as iPhone 15. Other models They failed as the mini version, but first nothing had been seen in relation to the main brand of the company.


Analysts from the presale physical. However, there is still a way to save the reputation of the brand, and not become something discontinued and therefore unusable.


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