LOL: The worst invoker spell that Riot eliminated the game forever after only two weeks

Almost everything in League of Legends is subject to the rule of constant change. With each new patch changes are introduced to objects or champions, when new of these elements are not directly added. However, there is a whole set of tools that Riot Games only modifies in special situations. We talked about the invoked spells, which have not received a new permanent addition since in the fifth season the developers introduced the already mythical snowball of Arm to the rotation. However, there was one more attempt by the company that ended in absolute failure.

The worst invoked spell that came to League of Legends

On the occasion of the events, Riot Games usually includes some elements to perform tests. This is what happened with many objects that appeared in the black market fighters or with the snowball itself, which was first introduced during a celebration focused on Arm. A play that the company wanted to repeat during the first half of 2019. It was specifically in patch 9.7 that added a new invoked spell called backward , which had a very curious effect that quickly caught the attention of the players.


The truth is that, only reading the invoked spell, Backing looks like one of the best ‘Summoners’ of League of Legends. However, in practice it was not too useful. Although it allowed complete skills such as the definitive Zed or Vladimir, was too clumsy and uncovering . The players barely used it to carry out some tests and realized that he did not have much to contribute, once again choosing the combination of flash and snowball. Somewhat monotonous, but much more fun.

As for the reasons for failure, forced displacement towards the base was the obvious problem. There was no way to cancel it or activate it ahead of time, so that on many occasions it was too late or ended up ruining an interesting play. In this sense, the community stopped using back long before Riot Games eliminated it and this is a lot to say if we take into account that it was only active for two weeks. However, was not more fun or better than the options already used by players , so he had no interest.

Between the invoked spell never returned to League of Legends and that the players barely used it while it was available, this element has fallen into the deepest of the forgetfulness. The same did not happen with other novelties that were available in the event in which it was introduced back. For example, Riot Games introduced an item that offered a temporary resurrection passive which later recycled for the Ultimate Spell book mode and the technoquímica dragon.

Unfortunately, there seems to be not too much space for League of Legends to reinforce with new invoked spells. The developer has not done more tests since it considers that the current ones are more than enough when they are useful and fun. After all, they are more than accepted elements by the bulk of the community and as the wise men say: If something works, do not touch it.


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