[Interview] Restaurant management game, 'Quiz Genier'

There are no people who remember the 'cookie shop', which was very popular in the 2000s, 'Cookie Shop'. At that time, I remember that management games that run convenience stores or fast food stores have been popular for a while, among which 'Cookie Shop' was famous enough to make story flowers.

As soon as I saw the game 'Quiz Genier' I met at BIC 2022, the memories of cookie shops rose. Running the restaurant, making food ordered by customers, and getting out to get the ingredients. Isn't it a combination that can't be fun? In addition, cute graphics and animations were good to catch the eyes of passing people.

When I heard the Battle Brew Production of Sean Tow, who was explaining the game to people at the booth, Quiz Genier was a more ambition than it was seen. The five flavors (sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and rich flavor) are made by attributes, and it is planned to implement battles that can farm items such as 'Diablo'. It was a culinary game that was more sincere in battle than it looked.

■ Cooking action with five flavors, please look forward to it Q. Please briefly introduce Battlebrew Productions.

Battlebrew is a studio located in Singapore, and about 10 developers are making games together. It is a company where people who have worked in the game industry for more than a decade, and have collaborated with large companies such as Ubisoft and Gumi.

Q. How did Quicinier exhibited in BIC?

= The fan-decicated period due to Corona 19 was hard for every1. Singapore experienced two lockdowns in the meantime, and the studio had to work from home. Before the fan Demick, I worked together to work together, and I missed the things I had eaten together. The atmosphere of making a game for food began to form inside the team.

Until last year, I was developing a game called Noodle Super Star, but unfortunately, the project was dropped and the project was dropped. At the time, the studio's situation was not really good, and I made a good job to say, 'Let's make only one more together.'

At that time, half of the studio personnel said they wanted to make a hardcore hack and slash game in Diablo, and the other half commented that they would create casual management games such as Staduveli. At that time, I did a staff dubelli together inside the team.

We compromised both opinions, and finally we converged with the opinion of creating a game we would be proud of. The food came out, and half of the game was to develop 'Quiz Genier' in the direction of the stomach, as well as our minds, which spent time hunting the ingredients.

Q. I think it's a different game. How about the feedback of the visitors so far?

= In fact, I was worried a lot, but so far, many people like it and have fun playing.

Q. Can you explain more about the game? First of all, please introduce the restaurant management section.

= First, Quiz Genier's main content focused on battle, so restaurant management was able to enjoy as simple as possible. As you may have seen while playing, when the food is completed, the guests will take their own food. At first, the player had to serve himself, and it was too stressful.

Of course, in addition to what we have shown today, we will visit the restaurant even if you have to catch a runaway guest without calculating it, or you do not take your own food. In such aristocrats, you have to serve yourself.

There are about 100 kinds of dishes that consist of various tiers. As a Singapore developer, foods such as Chili Crab, Kaya, and Laksa are of course, of course, and we are trying to contain all the unique foods of various countries around the world.

Q. As you said, the battle was quite attractive. What is the characteristic of the battle of 'Quiz Genier'?

The battle of 'Quiz Genier' is produced towards the fun of farming while requiring an immediate response. All the weapons in the game are the motifs from the kitchen utensils, and you can meet weapons such as flippers, sashimi knives, kebab skewers, pork cutlet hammocks, or two-handed frying pans. Durian bombs will even appear (laughs).

Each weapon has a variety of attributes, and I wanted to express this attribute as 'taste' for the cooking game. For example, the fire is a warm (toasty), the ice properties are cold, and the words related to food are used. For example, the sweetness is an attribute that adds a debuff to the enemy, and the rich taste is effective, such as providing a shield.

Similar to the Diablo, the weapons are similar to the same weapon, with different properties. To be easier to understand, we are developing it to be a combat system that many people can enjoy based on elements inspired by games such as Dead Cell and Hades.


Q. It's interesting, then I wonder what the final purpose of the game is. What is the goal of the protagonist who manages the restaurant and hunts in the dungeon?

Although it is very rough, the story line of the game begins with a letter from his parents to the protagonist, the adventurer. When I return to my hometown, my parents leave only the restaurant to the protagonist and leave them.

The problem was that the main character inherited the restaurant. He even inherited debt. In the end, the story is that the protagonist runs a restaurant on behalf of his parents.

After that, after the restaurant management is also recognized by many people, the protagonist is doing his best to become the title of 'Quiz Genier', the title that only the best restaurant owner and adventurer in the world view..

Q. If so, how can you organize the overall cycle of the game?

= It's a cycle where restaurants and dungeons are organically interacted. Every week is composed of five days according to the five flavors, which opens a restaurant, receives guests, raises funds, and challenges deeper dungeons with more powerful equipment. And the ingredients obtained from the dungeon are needed to make food again in the restaurant.

Of course, there is a concept of day and night between them, and the day of the store owners is different, so it is also important to make a good plan to run a restaurant efficiently.

Q. The demo played at this exhibition was unfortunately not supported by Korean. I wonder if there is a plan for language support later.

= Many people who visited the booth asked. 'Quiz Genier' is still in the development stage, so please understand that you only support English language.


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