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NextBus NIKE is a game in the horror genre of survival in Roblox, inspired by Garry’s Mod. The revival of the player in an abandoned shopping center filled with terrible PNG, constantly striving to kill them. As for the tasks, they are extremely simple-run, hide and stay alive for as long as possible. Despite the lack of clear goals of the gameplay, NEXT BOS NICE is full of secrets and easter eggs, from which players can enjoy. Here are all the hidden secrets in NEXT BOS NIKE.

All hidden secrets and easter eggs in NextBus NI

NextBus NIA has many secrets that the player can find. Many of them are Easter eggs from various media, including Garry’s Mod, from which the game draws inspiration. Below are all the secrets that you can find in the shopping center in NextBus NIKE.

utility rooms

If you are tired of running around the shopping center, you can find yourself a test in Backrooms. The back room is a secret room in NEXT BOS NIKE, filled with NextBus, such as Speed, Patrick, Sponge, Roblox, Claude, Crabbe and Nerd. To enter Backrooms, you must interact with elevator in the parking lot of the second floor.

Soccer ball

players often find an abandoned football in the parking of an abandoned shopping center in NextBus NIKE. You can even kick him by moving along it.

java book

Players will find bookshelves in many safe rooms in NEXT BOS NIKE. If you look closely, you will find a yellow book with Java written on it. This is the Easter egg of the real Java reference book, and it may interest you if you are interested in the coding area.

Inverted toilets

One safe room that players can find and hide has a bathroom inside. Inside the bathroom you will find two suspended toilets, hanging from the ceiling. Not the most hygienic solution, but to survive against nonsense was never an easy task.


Trail Nice

In the cafeteria of a shopping center located on the second floor there is a Subclub restaurant. Behind the restaurant there is a small back room with several boxes, watermelons and ventilation. Sometimes non-bonds may appear in this room, so act carefully.


Ventilation holes can be found throughout the building in certain places, for example, in the rear room of the subtle. You can penetrate into these ventilation holes to quickly go to other rooms if you are haunted by a non-study. Keep in mind, however, that Next bots can also penetrate the ventilation holes.

Error sign

Another small Easter egg pays tribute to the chief source of inspiration for Next bots Nico, Garry’s Mod. Climbing the ramp from the basement parking, the players will find the Error sign. This error sign is taken directly from a similar sign that players could find in the popular Garry’s Mod game.

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