Tips Outriders WorldSlayer

If you return to Outriders and want to quickly get comfortable with new functions and mechanics presented in Outriders WorldSlayer, we are here to help you with our leadership Outriders WorldSlayer Tips, where we will show you the most important. Tips and recommendations that you need to know about this new addition.

Tips Outriders WorldSlayer

Raising the level for new characters' assemblies

If you are a returning player who launches the WorldSlayer extension for the first time, the first thing you need to note is that the game allows you to start expanding with your old characters, and also gives you the opportunity to increase the level.

Outriders This option of increasing the level gives you the opportunity to increase any new character you create directly to level 30. This means that when you start WorldSlayer, you can create as many new characters as you want, and you can play with them without the need to pump Their levels.

Ascension levels

One of the most important new mechanics in Outriders WorldSlayer you need to familiarize yourself with is the ascension system.

As soon as you reach the maximum level of 30 in Outriders WorldSlayer, the Ascension system will allow you to increase the level further, but in a more specialized way. These Ascension levels resemble the levels of ideal in the Diablo franchise.

Every time you get a higher ascension level, you get an ascension point. These glasses can be distributed by four ascension trifles, which are called anomaly, endurance, cruelty and valor.

Each tree has its own topic, and the skills/buffs of this tree are based on this topic. Instead of trying to increase the level of all trees the same, you should look at the skills that they provide and increase their level in accordance with your own game style.

You can get up to 200 Ascension levels at Outriders Worldslayer, and each skill within four trees can be assigned 10 points.

Apocalypse levels and anomalies extract

Instead of global levels and test levels in Outriders Worldslayer, there are now there are levels of apocalypse. The levels of the apocalypse function in the same way as the previous system of the level of the world/call, with which you are probably familiar.

The only difference is that there are 40 levels of the apocalypse. As the levels pass, the complexity of the game and the quality of the objects you acquire will gradually increase.

With the introduction of the Apocalypse level system, a new type of equipment was presented in the Outriders WorldSlayer, which is called the equipment of the apocalypse. Apocalypse Gear has an additional modification slot that will allow you to make equipment much more powerful.

The system of levels of the apocalypse and the new equipment of the apocalypse go hand in hand. The higher your level of apocalypse, the higher the chances of getting the equipment of the apocalypse.

Now that you have received a new equipment of the apocalypse, you will be interested in how to improve it. To do this, you will need a new currency called Anomalia extract.

Anomalies extract falls out of elite and disassembled objects of the apocalypse. Whenever you find an element of abnormal equipment that you do not plan to use, disassemble it to get anomalies extracting points, and use them to increase the level of the desired equipment of the apocalypse.

New Campaign of the Murders of Worlds

With the output of WorldSlayer, a new campaign was added to Outriders. However, this new storyline of the campaign serves as no more than the introduction into new opportunities of the game.

If you have a strong enough assembly, you can easily go through this new campaign, especially when you consider that there are no side missions in it.

The campaign is intended only to prepare you for the new endheat Actors WorldSlayer-Tari Gratatar testing.

New Endheim-Activity-Tari Gratata test

The Outrider WorldSlayer added new activity for endguspile. This activity is called the Taria Gradar test.

In Tial of Tarya Gratar, you must fulfill your tasks at a time-you will not have the opportunity to turn back. It works very much like Gauntlet Mode.

You have three lives in Taria Gratra. If you die three times before the completion of the assignment, you will have to start all over again from scratch.

There are side effects in Taria Gratar, so this is not a completely linear occupation. These additional actions will allow you to get even more awards besides those that you will already earn for the test.

It is important to note that side effects have very specific awards in the form of equipment. Let's say you are looking for good boots; You can perform a certain side effect in the Taria Granita test to get them.

If you have not received the desired boots, you can simply get out of the trial period and go through it again until you get the necessary ones.


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