Immortals Fenyx Rising and more games arrive at Xbox Game Pass

The time has come that many look forward to every two weeks. That's right, It is time to know all the news that will be available ENXBOX GAME PASS from today . On this occasion, we have a quite interesting selection, with immortal fenyx rising at the head.

As of today, users of this service can enjoy a selection that includes some independent experiences , as well as a great title by Ubisoft. This is the full list:

-COFFEE TALK (Cloud, console and PC)-Available today

-Midnight Fight Express (cloud, console and PC)-August 23

-exapunks (PC)-August 25

NEW -opus: Echo of Starsong-Full Bloom Edition (Console and PC)-August 25

-Commonds 3-HD Remaster (Cloud, console and PC)-August 30

-immortaly (cloud, PC, xbox series x | s)-August 30

-immortals Fenyx Rising (Cloud, console and PC)-August 30

-tinykin (console and PC)-August 30

From this list, Immortal Fenyx rising_ is the title that attracts a lot of attention . At the time, this game was pointed out as the breath of the Wild of Ubisoft, but with a Greek touch, and it is worth it. Along with this, immortaly, the new game of the creator of _her story,is also something that fans of this type of experience cannot be lost.

On related issues, bad news about Xbox Game Pass is given. Similarly, this service would have 100 million subscribers by integrating Blizzard Activision Games.

Editor's note:

Undoubtedly, a fairly strong selection that not only offers some experiences that are worth a lot, such as immortals Fenyx Rising, but also has a selection of premieres that all users of the service cannot be lost. A great month for the platform.


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