Com2us Holdings 'Eternal Sword Corps War', Global Update

Com2us Holdings (CEO Lee Yong-guk) announced on the 9th that it will launch a global update of the collective strategic RPG 'Eternal Sode: Legion War'.

In this update, the new hero of the Orc race, Dark Kurumi, is the first to appear. Dark Kurumi is a magical bottle type that uses powerful tactics, the swamp of soul. This skill causes magic damage to a particular area and reduces the speed of enemy movement. In addition, powerful attacks and tactical auxiliary magic have the ability to strengthen the power of allies. When acquired, it will be a great help in strengthening the mercenary combat power.

The new regional scenario of the new concept is added. In this area, the new races, Yacha, and Yacha races, guardians, chiceros, palace bottles, and women appear as monsters, adding to the tension of the story. Yacha races will be able to acquire as a colleague through future updates. In addition, the 58-64 stage of the Astania Continental World Map Stage can be opened for more rich rewards.


In commemoration of the update, the 2022 Hot Summer Event will be held until the 23rd of this month. During the event, you can get the event item 'Ice Americano' on all stages of the world map. Ice Americano can be exchanged for useful items such as 'Soul Stone' and 'Hero Soul Weapon Summons' along with new heroes, 'Kurumi of Darkness' through the store.

Eternal Sword is a collection-type strategy RPG developed by King Media (CEO Dong-Hoon Jang) and serviced by Com2us Holdings.


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