Is the director continued in the sequel to the movie Mortal Combat? The script was involved in Marvel and Netofuri.

BREAKING The sequel to the movie version of's popular cruelty game Mortal Combat is ongoing, and it has been reported overseas that the director will continue.

Overseas media DEADLINE has been producing a sequel because the popularity of box office revenue, distribution service and HBO MAX has exceeded expectations, and it is reported that Simon McCoid, who has been coaching the previous work as a director, will continue. 。 The previous work is McCoid's first feature film, and he has been working on video games.

It has already been reported that Jeremy Slater, who has been writing the Marvel drama Moon Night and the Netflix drama Amblella Academy as a script, has been reported, and the sequel production seems to be gradually progressing.

The movie Mortal Combat was released in 2021. In addition to the original protagonist of Call Young, the familiar characters in the game versions such as Sonia Blade, Kanou, Ryu Kang and Kun Lao will appear. Hiroyuki Sanada and Tadanobu Asano also appeared as Scorpion and Leiden.


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