WhatsApp works on a long -awaited feature: Finally error -free in chat

WhatsApp always comes up with something new. Although-as new is the function that is supposed to come. Other messengers have shown it.

Dortmund-in the train, quickly at work or even when we are on foot: WhatsApp messages are written and sent in almost all situations. The fact that they always arrive at the recipient without errors is almost the exception. That should soon be a thing of the past-an update is in the works.

WhatsApp-update should come soon: Never again embarrassing mistakes-new function makes it possible

The Mega Group Meta, which also includes Facebook and Instagram, continues to work to further develop the popular messenger service WhatsApp and to inspire users with new tools.

A function-which has long been known for a long time-has recently been implemented, so that users can react to a message. Emojis are practically attached to a message and the chat course in WhatsApp remains tidy.

The next big WhatsApp hit should be the editing function. This function should also be known to some users of other chat services. As the most well-informed portal Wabetanfo reports, the beta version will soon be available.

WhatsApp plans Edit mode: First fears before falsified chats

The authors of the report could already test the feature as can be seen on a screenshot. Accordingly, the message has to be simply marked, then users have the option of selecting the editing function and unpopular errors.

However, it is unclear how long users can process their messages afterwards. The portal golem fears that the uncontrolled subsequent editing of messages could even change the meaning of a chat course (more digital news at WhatsApp plans).

WhatsApp plans coveted function: It shouldn't take a long time

It would also make sense to make a history of processing visible. It is currently not clear whether this happens. What is known, on the other hand, that WhatsApp seems to be working on the update for a while. The Portal Wabetanfo reported on the function five years ago. But the plans have been rejected in the meantime.

Fortunately, apparently not completely for all users. Because it shouldn't take a long time before the much-clay function for iOS, Android and WhatsApp web should be available. There is still no official release day on the part of WhatsApp, but according to T-online users no longer have to wait long because the function is already included in a beta version.

It was similar in the introduction of the emoji reactions. Accordingly, the first indications of the function appeared in March of this year and only two months later users were able to access users.

Rubric list picture: © Germanopoli/Imago


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