Sukueni's life simulation RPG Harvester is released on November 4th. Overcome the death season to die through agriculture, battle, cooking and life

Square Enix announced on June 28 the life simulation RPG Harvestella . The corresponding platform is Nintendo Switch/PC (Steam). The release date will be November 4 for the Nintendo Switch version, and the Steam version will be November 5. The price is 7680 yen including tax.

HARVESTELLA is a life simulation RPG where you can enjoy life, exchange, and adventure in the fantasy world that color the four seasons. The story is set on a planet with four huge crystals called seaslit. The four seasons were visiting on the planet, but at the turn of the season, there is a death season that threatens all life. The protagonist says that while living in a colorful hill, he will cooperate with his friends to overcome threats and approach the truth of the world.

JUJUTSU In addition to living elements such as farming, cooking, crafts, and interaction with town people, it seems that combat elements are also being adopted. It is said that materials can be collected in an adventure. And in the death season that blocks the paddy of spring, summer, autumn and winter, it is impossible to go outside, and all crops are withering. How to overcome the death season is likely to be a challenge in game play.

You can go out of the city and dive into the dungeon. There is also a battle element, and it will take out dynamic actions. There are also strategic elements such as switching jobs and weaknesses. It seems that there are also exchange elements, such as clearing quests requested by town people and looking inside other characters.

Square Enix is an ambitious work Harvestella to challenge a popular genre of life RPG. The concept art is handled by Yuu Kamikuni, who was in charge of art directors for FF13 and FF15. The company's unique fantasy world expression will be alive. As a producer and game designer, Daisuke Takasuke, who has been involved in Cats beyond Another Eden Space-Time, seems to be involved. [Update 2022/6/28 23:22] Fixed the notation. In addition, he added about Mr. Taka

Harvester is scheduled for Nintendo Switch/PC (Steam). The release date is November 4 for the Nintendo Switch version, and the Steam version is November 5.


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