Shift -up, 'Destiny Child' Fan Art Event

[fan art Moon Young-soo] Shift-up (CEO Kim Hyung-hyun) announced on the 14th that it will hold a fan art event in the mobile game 'Destiny Child'.

This event is to submit participation information through Google questionnaire by July 11, by producing fan art freely on the theme of 'Destiny Child X Summer' and registering it on personal SNS.


The winning works will be presented through the internal screening, and one prize will be presented with the desired goods, five kinds of child, 100,000 crystals, and three outstanding awards and five encouragement awards. All users who participated will present five-starch summon tickets and 3,000 crystals.

In addition, Shift-up will advance the update 'Summer Festival 2022' pre-booking. The users who participated in the pre-booking by June 22 will receive 10,000 crystals, Ignation core materials, and 100 portraits for each type. An additional gift box is presented.


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