Five years after his opening night, Witchfire ultimately rises

Witchfire is not dead and hidden, and also the news is rather positive. The news of the video game had actually shocked its world in 2017 considering that, until now, The Astronauts was best known for the narrative journey game The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. But it was neglected that its creators were initially from People Can Fly (Pain Reliever, Bulletstorm).


It is as a result a great shock to see him once more today with this brand-new trailer ofGamePlaywhich reaffirms the muscle bias of the title and discloses us a little bit more of his dark universe as well as the plethoric collection on which we can count. Geoff Keigley seized the day to expose that Witchfire would beside the early access stage, without specifying a date for the moment.

It went to the 2017 Game Awards that the Studio The Astronauts-founded by alumni from People Can Fly-A was announced the advancement of Witchfire. We have lacked brand-new ones for five years as well as below we are once more on the stage of the opening ceremony of the Summer Game Fest with a new gameplay video clip.


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