Final Fantasy VII Remake will continue this year, but differently than expected

Final fantasy VII remake finally gets a sequel. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is the middle part of the trilogy entity that appears on the PlayStation 5 console in the 2023 Christmas Market.

The game director, Naoki Hamaguchi , told more about the content of the game at a launch event celebrating the seventh part of the 25th anniversary.


Rebirst production is in full swing. However, it does not become just one part of this series. Our team is working on it with the same passion and dedication needed to create the original final fantasy.

Three years may seem like a long time to wait for the next part, the game producer Yoshinori Kitase adds. But we want to make sure that the players only get the best experience and we assure us that production is progressing at an amazing rate for this size production.

However, the fans of the series will not be empty, Kitase promises. This Christmas will be published by crisis core-Final Fantasy VII-Reunion. This is a remastered version of the pre-part published only for the PSP console, which tells about Cloud's first dawn in the Soldier organization. The update saw a trailer with a game picture. In all silence, updated adventure can be played with PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch consoles and PC.

Finally, Square Enix revealed final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade finally arriving at Steam with full Steam Deck support. The release of the Steam version is already today, June 17, at 29% off to celebrate the holiday.


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