EC card problems: In an emergency, there are simple solutions

Payment by EC card is currently not possible in many shops. But how do you react best in such a situation?

sim Dortmund-Customers are currently informed that a card payment in Germany is problematic. Therefore, you should take a look at information boards at the entrance beforehand or ask the staff what it looks like in the respective shop. In unproblematic times, however, it can happen that customers forget the EC card or that it simply does not want to work: this is how you react correctly.

EC card payment is not possible: This is how you react correctly in the supermarket

Especially when consumers are already at the cash register and have no cash with them, it can be quite uncomfortable. Especially when the customers sigh behind one in line. However, one should not be unsettled by this, because often there is a solution quickly, as reports (more digital news at cash register).

Usually the goods have to be left behind at the cash register. Because of course taking away without paying is not possible. If you don't have time, you should apologize for the inconvenience and ask the sales staff whether it can put the goods back on the shelves. Because many articles then belong back to the refrigerated shelf as quickly as possible.

EC card payment not possible: the search for an ATM

However, if you don't have it in a hurry, you can go to the ATM instead and inform the employees beforehand. As a rule, the majority of the staff have no problem keeping the purchases directly at the cash register. It is best to find the next ATM using Google Maps.

There is a search function for ATMs so that they can be found with just a few clicks. The results can then have consumers sorted by distance.

As a result, users will find the nearest machine in just a few seconds. In addition, it can be seen quickly which bank branch is open at all. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to always have some cash in store when shopping.

Rubric list picture: © K. Schmitt/Imago


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