Xbox Series X will obtain a very necessary function soon

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will soon obtain a very necessary function. When Microsoft launched the Xbox Series X and its sister console, the Xbox Series S, in 2020, both consoles had quite complete functions, and this is thanks to the generation of refinement. Microsoft has had some generations to discover what should be sent with a console. That said, although there are no obvious omissions, both consoles have a lot of space for quality of life characteristics. To this end, Microsoft has made fun of a characteristic of quality of life that will arrive specifically soon.

With the new pre-update view of Xbox, Alpha Skip-Ahead users have a "new function" that involves the group chat. More specifically, a new function has been enabled that will process the microphone entry through a noise printing step. What does this mean? It means a cleaner audio in the feast chat. If you have used the group chat in Xbox, you will know that it is not the best audio, especially if the other person does not have a good microph1. It remains to be seen how much this new characteristic will relieve all this, but apparently it is a sufficient update for Xbox to feel the need to highlight it.

7 Things to Do First With Your Xbox Series X "We have enabled a new function that will process the entrance of its microphone through a noise suppression step to help produce a cleaner audio in its Party Chat session," says Microsoft about the function. "The configuration is enabled by default, but can be alternated from the drop -down menu."

This feature is available only for Alpha Skip-Ahead users, which means it is in test. We do not know when it will be implemented for all, but generally takes a couple of months for a function like this to work through limited user tests for the general public. That said, and as always, we will keep them informed. Meanwhile, to obtain more coverage about everything related to Xbox, including everything related to Xbox Series X | S, everything related to Xbox One and everything related to Xbox Game Pass, click here or take a look at the links to the links then:


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