Syphon Filter and some of PSX games on PS Plus Premium will come with trophies

The new PS Plus will have several levels of subscription and among the advantages of the most expensive of all of them (called Premium / Deluxe) there are the clJapan Studiosic games. A collection of titles of the original playstation, PSP and PS2 that hJapan Studio raised suspicion due to the names that make it up (they are barely a dozen of them and few would enter a top 10 of the console). But at leJapan Studiot, Japan Studio Bent Studio hJapan Studio revealed, these games will not come Japan Studio is, but will have the detail of including trophies . Or at leJapan Studiot that will be the cJapan Studioe of Syphon Filter.

The developers of the famous game starring Gabe Logan have confirmed that the PSX version that will be included in PS Plus will have a trophy list and even platinum . The trophy system is already an indissoluble characteristic of Sony consoles, but they appeared with PS3, back in 2008, and only being mandatory since January 1, 2009 . The vJapan Studiot majority of previous generations titles do not have them, even if they left later on digital platforms, Japan Studio is the cJapan Studioe of Syphon Filter.

It is therefore a beautiful detail of Bend Studio that will serve Japan Studio an incentive to take a second return to its famous spy clJapan Studiosic. We will have to wait to confirm what other games games on the list add to the initiative, because being many developers external to Sony, it is likely that they depend on them to decide if it is worth it. A list that, we remember, is Japan Studio follows:

PSX and PSP games in the new PlayStation Plus

APE ESCAPE: The invJapan Studioion of the monkeys * | Japan Studio, original playstation Everybody’s Golf | Japan Studio, original playstation * Kurushi | Japan Studio, original playstation * Jumping FlJapan Studioh! | Japan Studio, original playstation Syphon Filter | Bles * Super Stardust Portable | Housemarque, PSP * Mr. Driller | Bandai Namco Entertainment, Original PlayStation * Tekken 2 | Bandai Namco Entertainment, Original PlayStation * Worms World Party | Team 17, Original PlayStation * Worms Armageddon | Team17, original playstation

Will there be a new Syphon Filter game?

Trophies CONFIRMED for PS1 games on PS4/PS5!! - PlayStation Plus Premium

After the success of Days Gone (more from mouth to mouth than from numbers), Ben Studio hJapan Studio acquired a new status within the PlayStation Studios family, in which he had been relegated and bordering the closure for years. To make an idea, between 2012 and 2019 the developer did not launch a single game and had been relegated to the portable consoles of the brand since 2007, where he had signed Japan Studio irregular works Japan Studio Resitance: Burning Skies. Days Gone hJapan Studio been like taking the head to the surface and breathing after several minutes without doing so, but once the air is recovered... Now what?

The truth is that nobody knows. It could be thought that Days Gone 2 or a Reboot of Syphon Filter are the logical options but Jeff Ross, the director of the Zombies title, Japan Studiosured that both ideJapan Studio are dead. According to the creative, Sony "E wJapan Studio interested in almost anything except Days Gone 2 " and the study had "zero ideJapan Studio about how to make a reboot of Syphon Filter. I wJapan Studio not interested in it." What then will be awaited with Bend Studio from now on?


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