Nintendo delivers dark forecast for Switch

The chip crisis not only affects the PS5 and Xbox Series X. The Nintendo Switch also has to deal with the semiconductor shortage and expects considerable losses as well as problems for potential switch buyers.

Nintendo fears a considerable drop in sales for its hybrid consoles. The production of the Nintendo Switch has as well as the PS5 and Xbox Series X suffer from the semiconductor shortage and manufacturing problems and will therefore not be able to run as hoped this year. Accordingly, Nintendo screwed down its expectations of the copies sold by ten percent compared to the previous year.

Nintendo Switch: Console crisis ensures losses on sale

In view of the difficult production of Switch consoles , Nintendo expects a decline in sales by around ten percent for the fiscal year 2022. In 2021, around 23 million consoles were sold, and only 20 million copies are expected for 2022. So this would be the third year in a row in which Nintendo puts fewer consoles than in the previous year - in 2020 the Switch had been able to sell a total of 28 million copies. (Source: Nikkei)

The reason for the decreasing sales figures is not the declining interest in the console, but the shortage of semiconductor, which makes it difficult to produce the production of the hardware. Thus, fewer switch copies land in the shops-so it becomes more difficult to buy the console.

console deficiency: Not only Xbox and PS5 are affected

The gaming industry has to make friends with the lack of console, because unfortunately the shortage of resources does not end . In an interview, the Intel CEO even announced that the problems in console production will still drag on by 2024.

The new OLED version of the Nintendo Switch is currently still available in some online shops-at least in the white version. Although the console has not been in stock since the release in October 2021, the situation at Nintendo has recently been significantly better than with the PS5 and Xbox Series X. After the latest forecast, the situation could also be with the Switch worsen.

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