Card payment is not possible - Germany lurks to a solution

No card payment. In Germany there is chaos in many shops. Consumers cannot pay with their credit and EC cards at the cash registers.

Dortmund-Since Tuesday there have been increasing disorders when paying for card in supermarkets, drugstores and petrol stations. The problem should be solved quickly, but it is now clear: that doesn't work.

card payment currently not possible: Solution needs time

Some people prefer payment by EC or credit card and therefore rarely have cash with them. However, these people now have a problem when shopping. Because nationwide, customers can no longer pay their card. According to the WDR, the reason is a software problem for a certain type of a card payment terminal.

However, the end of the problem is not yet in sight. As a spokeswoman for the payment service provider Payone tells the WDR on Thursday evening, the disorder continues. "As other network operators, we are currently listing significant restrictions on the processing of transactions for card payment terminals of the Type H5000 of the manufacturer Verifone," explains the spokeswoman. The stand is "still unchanged", it continues.

No card payment possible: Manual intervention should help

On Friday, Payone announced that the manufacturer Verifone's solution "requires a manual intervention at the terminals concerned for some customers so that they can be activated for the software download". According to its own statement, the manufacturer **** works with high pressure on the provision of the software packages, as the Payone spokeswoman reports (more digital news at Payone).

When the packages arrive is still unclear. Since some affected devices require manual intervention, the update process should take "a long time". It can therefore be an advantage for consumers to have some cash while shopping.

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card payment is not possible: these businesses are affected

Because the affected device is used in supermarkets, drugstores or petrol stations, as the WDR reports. In some branches from Aldi Nord, no card payment should be possible. With the Rossmann drugstore chain and EDEKA, there should also be problems with the popular payment method.

However, the Edeka branches in NRW are not affected. According to Aldi Süd, Penny and the toom tree markets, according to their own statement, they should not have any problems with the card payment. Because they should use other reading devices.

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