Buy, buy, buy: Asmongold criticizes the monetization of World of Warcraft

You don't have to look asmongold to know that the successful Twitch streamer is a huge World of Warcraft fan. Accordingly, he also manifests himself about the MMORPG and recently also shared his opinion on the newly announced Dragon Flight expansion, in which he has already fallen in love.

However, the announcement of Dragon Flight seems to generate less hype than other wow extensions and Asmongold is worried that Blizzard could repeat mistakes in the past. But while Dragonflight is still in the distant future, the streamer also has to pluck a chicken with World of Warcraft.

Asmongold Reacts to ex-WoW Streamer MELTDOWN over Blizzard Fans Defending Them

an insane money spiral: Asmongold about the absurd monetization of wow

Asmongold came to speak of WoW after a spectator donation after a spectator donation and did not let good hair on the multiplayer role-playing game:"let me explain what the meaning of wow is. The first What you do is buy the game. Then you buy the extension, then you buy the subscription, then you buy the boost and then you buy the wow brand to buy gold to buy the boost for the raid. " _

_ "Then you buy the other WoW brand to buy the equipment in the auction house that you need to switch to animal equipment and then you buy a wow mark to get a boost for the next equipment Buy. After you have bought the WoW brand, you buy a wow brand to buy enchantments and jewels to improve your legendary [objects]. "_

_ "Basically, you spend all of your money on the game until you don't play it anymore. This is how it works. So you play wow now. That is what is fun."The last sentence of the streamer drips before sarcasm And underlines his critical attitude towards the payment model from World of Warcraft.

With his criticism of the WoW brand , Asmongold is not alone: In the past, the property object, which enables both the exchange of real money into the in-game currency and the payment of season through gold Discussions and was exposed to strong price fluctuations and new extreme values due to rumors.

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