The best companions for caravan in Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord

Mount and Blade: Bannerlord is more confused than previous parts, with their caravans. In contrast to the previous parts, the companions are not the same in each passage. When choosing a companion to control caravans, it is important to look at their names. Each companion has a random title in the name, which indicates the level of its skills.

What kind of companions do I choose to carry caravans?

Will you want to find companions with these titles:

  • Strege
    • Trade 80.

Bannerlord ULTIMATE Best Caravan Guide + Tips (2022) * Steward 80. * Fraud 100. * Seller spices * Trade 100. * Steward 80.

These titles indicate that the set of their skills is designed for trade and management. The steward shows how well they can lead and manage. Trade measures how well they can sell goods.

Best bonuses for caravan leaders in Bannerlord

When you raise your character's level and members of your clan, you can give them privileges. We listed the best trading skills in the order in which you must acquire them.

  • All seller - Estimator
    • Any option is good because it gives you a 15% reduction in the sale price of equipment or goods.
  • Caravan Master
    • Let the party be weighing 30% more, and the prices of the goods are relative to the average price.
  • Local connection - Rumors about travels
    • Any option is good because it gives a 15% decline in the fine for the sale of animals or 15% reduction in the purchase price in the villages.
  • Paid Gate
    • Relationships received in solving issues with merchants are doubled. Each caravan, part of the city, followed by this character, brings income to 20 gold.
  • Great Investor
    • Each profitable caravan gives one fame per day, and hiring companions costs 30% cheaper.
  • Content trade
    • Increased tariff income by 10%. The detachment salary decreases by 50% while waiting in settlements.
  • Insurance plans
    • Your caravans return 5,000 gold when destroying. This gives a 25 percent decrease in the fine for the purchase of food.
  • Granual accountant - Master of the trading platform
    • Any pep is good. This gives a 20 percent decline in a fine for the sale of ceramics, tools, cotton and jewelry or a 20 percent decline in the fine for the sale of food.
  • Sword for exchanging
    • 15% below the wages of Caravan guards, and hiring mercenaries is cheaper by 20%.
  • Silver tongue
    • Negotiations on the safe aisle on the barter is 50% cheaper, and caravans and rural residents offer 15% the best trade transactions.
  • leak down
    • Get one point of relationships with famous merchants, if you buy in the city of goods worth more than 10,000 gold. Your managed city receives two prosperity points per day while he builds a project.
  • In total there are price
    • Now you can trade with the calculations when barter.

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