Switch tip: So you save a massive battery on the go

You are often traveling with your Nintendo Switch and the battery does regularly do it? We introduce you to a small tip with which you can easily extend the life of your batteries.

Flight mode The switch is battery rescuer

How to save 200% of battery on a Nintendo switch!

The Nintendo Switch is perfect for gamers as a hybrid console, which do not want to do without gambling even on the way. But a Zocker session can finish quickly when the console goes out to the juice after tight three hours.

Then it's time to quickly find a power outlet. Or you simply extends the battery power of your switch with the flight mode .

This tip shares a player on Reddit and assures that it makes a enormous difference in battery usage whether the flight mode is switched on or off. And not only if you are active at gambling. Also, if your Switch is in idle state , the flight mode will continue to protect the battery. (Source: Reddit)

Why are the Internet functions so much battery? If you are connected to the internet, your switch works constantly in the background - it regularly searches for available updates, tells you what your friends are doing and the eShop is notifying you About actions. It all costs energy.

Several users also report that start games in flight mode faster . It's related to that even offline games to start a WiFi check, which takes time. Even the frame rate benefit from some games from the switched internet activities.

If you are predominantly online games playing the switch in the docking station or use cloud saves, of course, this trick is not suitable for you.

How to activate the flight mode on the switch?

switching off and turning on aircraft mode is quite simple: Selects "system settings" in the home menu → Selects "aircraft mode" on the left in the options → goes to the right side and select "aircraft mode from → activates it with the pressure The A button.

If you do not want to renounce Bluetooth in flight mode, you can manually reactivate it in the settings. This is important, for example, to the benefit of Joy-Cons.

By the way, you want to save even more battery benefit? Then you should dimming the brightness of your screen - that also brings you a great saving.

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