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Collective claims and apologies from President Nintendo Furukava Shuntaro - all this is about the Joy-Con drift for Nintendo SWITCH. And here is the new details of the scandal from Kotaku.

On the terms of anonymity with the publication, one of the former supervisors United Radio was talked. It is this network of service centers for the rights of a third-party contractor was responsible for the repair of hybrid consoles in the United States, in particular in the state of New York. If in 2017 clients simply sent a replacement, then in 2018, employees were obliged to repair each Joy-Con.

Nintendo's Got a New President, Shuntaro Furukawa

It was about hundreds of controllers per day and thousands per week - under their repair I had to highlight a separate workplace. From such a load, experienced masters quickly fled, even people hired through the staffing agency, people often could not withstand more than three months, after which they could take them to the staff. As a result, only untrained immigrants (two thirds of them came from Vietnam) delayed in the company for a longer period. All this has affected the quality of repair.

The source Kotaku eventually remained the only employees for whom English was a native language, and many of his subordinates and with difficulty with difficulty were expressing. As a cherry on the cake, some clients received their Nintendo Switch after returning to factory settings - such a right to employees were given in case during the repair it was impossible to check the serial number.


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