Overseas reviews are crazy but not? "Postal 4: No Regerts" Official Release!

! Note! If you are not good at grotesque expressions and cruel expressions, please refrain from browsing if you are under 18 years old.

Running with Scissors has released a formal version of Violence Using Game Series Latest Creature " Postal 4: No Regerts ". In this work, the main character Postal Dude and his dog champ will be broken in the stage several years after the "Postal 2" expansion "Paradise Lost" event.

Formal version version 1.0, original voice actor Rick Hunter and "Postal III" Voice of Corey Cruise Voice, Lighting, Texture, Improvement of Physical System, New Radio Bureau, Immersible NPC Behavior, etc. That has been added.

Postal 4: No Regerts Review From now on new weapons, enemies, quests, community-led QOL updates, console version, and CO-OP multiplayer "Postal 4: no regients" is Steam / Gog.com / Green Man Gaming During delivery. By the way, overseas reviews are a storm of criticism including the lack of optimization, but Running with scissors himself is the material.

If you look back, the past work is not highly evaluated there, and at least the "Postal III" that has been officially erased is exceeded, so is it a sense of safety. However, STEAM user reviews just before the official release were "very popular", so it may be a game for well-trained fans.


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