Newste Mobile, 'AMONG US' and College

Craftone (President Kim Chang-han) said Mobile Battle Royal 'Newste Mobile' on the 21st update, which plans to conduct a teamwork and betrayal party game 'Among US (ocmers) and collaboration. From April 21 to May 19, you will be able to meet in the game of the AMONG US theme, the game item, and accessories.

All users can participate in the mini game of the AMONG US theme until the start of the Trojan map. If the squad (four components) entered on the start island, one of the squad members is specified as a random poster, and the remaining members must be found to be any1. While the mini game, the imposter can remove members using weapons.

Through new items and accessories, you can also find the AMONG US theme all over the game. Users can acquire a game item with a variety of AMONG US, including mast, coat, innerwear, backpack, weapon, and vehicle through special theme crate purchase. In addition, AMONG US cranea themes will be added to the Best Island of Trojan, Chester, and Anchorville.

Playing The IMPOSTER In Among Us! The new mission events that provide AMONG US frames, titles, icons, etc. are also proceeding today. There are a variety of missions to be achievable during game play, and you can get more items as you achieve a lot.

Innersloth (Innslos) The Victoria Tran Community Director is a very pleased that "Newste Mobile and AMONG US communities are exciting and a new concept that can be enjoyed together," Much of the atmosphere and survival think that many aspects such as survival are well suited to each other, "I am looking forward to enjoying the game in Among US Costume."

"Innersloth and Craft Tone have a goal of providing unique and fun experience in the game community," said Park Min-gyu, "Innersloth and Krafton Gyu-gyu," Innersloth and Craftton have the same goal of providing a unique and interesting experience in the game community, "said," Innersloth, Thanks to, I was confident that all fans can enjoy, and I was able to introduce Among US in the News Tate Mobile world. "

The AMONG US manufactured by Innersloth is a popular multiplayer game that deals with cooperative and betrayal. It is the goal of the game that works based on the teamwork to return to the civilization world, and it is randomly specified as a poster for more than one of the Kru (user) that plays together, It is characteristic.


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